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Two Israeli Tourists Shot Dead By Egyptian Cop Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

 Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, a police officer in Alexandria, Egypt, opened fire on Israeli Tourists, killing two Israelis and one Egyptian. A warning about increased security awareness was issued by the US Embassy.

Tragic shooting incident in Alexandria, Egypt, Targets Israeli Tourists During Israel-Hamas Conflict

On Sunday, a police officer in Alexandria, Egypt, opened fire on a group of Israeli tourists, resulting in at least two Israelis and one Egyptian being killed. The incident happened on Sunday amid the deadly military battle between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which has already cost more than 1,100 lives. 

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Another person got injured in the attack that happened at Pompey’s Pillar location in Alexandria, according to local media reports. Security personnel have cordoned off the area, and the alleged attacker has been taken into custody.

The policeman said he lost control and fired indiscriminately on the tourist group after being provoked, according to one of the Egyptian sources, Reuters reported. “This morning, an Alexandrian opened fire on Israeli tourists as they were visiting the city, killing two Israelis and their Egyptian tour guide. The Israeli Foreign Ministry also said that a wounded Israeli was in fair health.

An unreal video of the incident that circulated on social media shows two men lying dead next to a man seated on the ground with a bullet wound to his belly.

The US issued a warning for its people in Egypt after the shooting attack. “The Embassy is aware of news that several international tourists were killed in an attack today, October 8, 2023, in Alexandria, Egypt. This incident might be connected to the ongoing fighting between Israel and Gaza. Increased security awareness and safeguards should be taken by US nationals while they are in Egypt, the US Embassy in Cairo advised in a post on X (previously known as Twitter).

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