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Exclusive – Bill Gates ex-wife Melinda resigns as Gates Foundation co-chair

Bill Gates ex-wife Melinda has stepped down as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, co- founded 20 years ago.

Bill Gates ex-wife Melinda resigns as Gates Foundation co-chair, gets $12.5 billion for own charity work

The charitable organisation which Melinda French Gates co-established together with her ex-husband, Bill Gates, over 20 years ago is being stepped down by Melinda. Bill Gates ex- wife is getting $12 billions for doing so. In addition to personally donating $25 billion, she affirmed her commitment to supporting other women musicians.

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The charitable persons were separated from each other in 2021, but they promised to join their hands in achieving the charitable enterprise. The actual divorce which came out in a court of law lacking the details of what the two of them agreed on when dividing their marital assets is the final one.

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In response to this, Melinda Gates stated: “Of the agreed terms with Bill, and upon my departure from the family foundation, I will have an extra 12. 5 billion to be committed to my efforts in defending the rights of women and promoting the cause of their families. ”

Now that Bill Gates ex-wife Melinda Gates is no longer co-president of the organisation, the institution will be renamed the Gates Foundation, and Bill Gates will be the sole chairperson, as announced by the CEO Mark Suzman.

“”When the past last four years in the US, and the recent retreat of women’s rights, from a global perspective, she wants to use the upcoming new chapter as a community to focus on changing the trend and bringing change,” Suzman said. The Global Fund is one of the most powerful and important forces in global public health today, having brought an entrepreneurial outlook that has expended it into $10 billion since its inception in fight against poverty and disease.

The period from 1994 to the year 2018, they almost allotted about $59 billion. The organization informed its website and 5 billion will be credited into its account in Seattle. She plans to leave the same office on June 7th.

As of today, Melinda Gates’ wealth stands at $11 billion, according to the Forbes list. Forbes reports another 3 billion assets. She also continues in charitable works and investments through Pivotal Ventures. The investment Company which started women-oriented operations in 2015, is dedicated to the women and their families.

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