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Israel-Palestine Conflict : The Israel-Palestine conflict continues, resulting in more deaths and injuries

After the Surprise attack by Hamas on Israel , the PM of Israel is all set to settle the score with Hamas. With hostages seized, cruelty recorded, and ongoing military operations, the long-running Israel-Palestine conflict escalated further. Gaza remains in a dire situation.

Israel-Palestine Conflict : With over 500 reported deaths from the Hamas attack, Israel is  prepared to retaliate against Palestine

On Saturday, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel. The battle between the Israeli forces and Hamas resulted in more than 500 deaths.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict is not new; it has deep historical roots, predating the birth of Jesus Christ.

The decades-long conflict escalated further when Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday with a massive rocket barrage and ground, air, and sea operations that reportedly killed more than 300 Israelis and injured 1,000, according to the Israeli Army. In Gaza, the death toll stands at least 232, with nearly 1,700 wounded, as reported by Gaza officials.

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The Israeli military also reported that a significant number of Israeli civilians and soldiers are being held hostage by the militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In response, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Hamas is responsible for the well-being of the hostages and vowed that “Israel would settle the score with anyone who harms them.”

Numerous videos circulating on social media depict Hamas’s brutality toward Israelis. The BBC verified a video showing a truck being driven through crowds in the Gaza Strip, forcibly carrying Israeli hostages. According to Israeli media, “Up to 50  people have been held hostage by Hamas militants.”

The Israeli military has informed the public that they are still dealing with Palestinian militants in eight locations, including Sderot, Yakhini, Kfar Aza, Sufa, Be’eri, Kibbutz Re’im, Kissufim, and Homefront Command near Zikim. While Israel didn’t explicitly state that its forces were engaged in active gun battles with Hamas militants, Hamas confirmed that they are still involved in ‘fierce fighting.’

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After 24 hours of the Hamas attack on Israel, the situation in Gaza has changed dramatically. People are staying in their homes, and the sound of explosions continues, with black smoke covering Gaza.

The Israeli Air Force earlier released images of its strikes on multiple locations in Gaza where Hamas military targets are believed to be located. Israeli authorities have also initiated evacuations of residents.

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