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Tragedy Strikes: Indian-American Man Lives Lost in Ohio Incidents

Two devastating Ohio incidents: Indian-American man Piyush Patel was fatally struck by a vehicle, while Aaditya Adlakha succumbs to gunshot wounds. No arrests yet. Heartfelt condolences extended.

Indian-American Man Faces Tragic Fate: Fatal Collision in Medina County, Gunshot Tragedy in Cincinnati

In a tragic incident in Medina County, a 52-year-old Indian-American man, Piyush Patel, lost his life when he was struck by a Volkswagen operated by 25-year-old Cameron Luiza. The heartbreaking collision occurred as Luiza was heading south on Substation Road. Despite the swift response of Highway Patrol officers, Patel was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Promising Student’s Tragic Demise

Meanwhile, another sorrowful event unfolded in Cincinnati, where 26-year-old Aaditya Adlakha, a dedicated doctoral student from India at the University of Cincinnati, succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained on November 9. Adlakha, recognized for his work on ulcerative colitis, was set to complete his doctorate in 2025. The incident occurred when he was found shot inside a crashed car on the Western Hills Viaduct.

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Despite efforts to save him, Adlakha passed away after several critical days. As the investigation unfolds, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting. The medical school expressed profound condolences to his grieving family and those who knew him, both as a friend and colleague. Two incidents, both marked by tragedy, highlight the fragility of life.

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