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Tornadoes In US: Severe Weather Threatens Millions Across US Ahead of Thanksgiving

Tornadoes In US: Severe storms prompt tornado warnings, urging caution for Thanksgiving travel. Stay safe as violent weather hits multiple states.Tornadoes In US: Nationwide Tornado Alerts Pose Thanksgiving Travel Threat Across Multiple States

Tornadoes In US: Nationwide Tornado Alerts Pose Thanksgiving Travel Threat Across Multiple States

Tornadoes In US: Severe thunderstorms are sweeping through parts of the country, raising concerns of tornadoes and dangerous weather conditions just before Thanksgiving. Residents across several states are being urged to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions.

Starting from northeastern Texas and stretching through western and central Mississippi to southern Arkansas, thunderstorms have been reported. Some of these storms have shown signs of rotation, a signal that tornadoes might form.

Meteorologists, like Bernie Rayno from AccuWeather, are cautioning about the likelihood of multiple tornadoes hitting northeastern Texas through the lower part of the Mississippi Valley. Areas like Shreveport, Little Rock, Jackson, and the northeastern Houston metropolitan region have been put on high alert.

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Warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service, particularly for north-central Louisiana, urging residents in specific parishes to seek immediate shelter. A tornado-producing storm has been confirmed in Colfax, moving rapidly northeast, threatening communities in its path.

The storm is expected to impact Jena and Midway, posing risks to other areas like Nebo, Zenoria, Rogers, Lake Iatt, Pollock, Aloha, Dry Prong, Fishville, Bentley, and Williana. Residents are advised to move to basements or the lowest interior rooms of sturdy buildings and to stay away from windows. Those outdoors or in mobile homes should seek the nearest safe shelter to avoid flying debris.

Bernie Rayno stressed that the tornado threat will persist even after sunset, accompanied by high winds and heavy rains overnight, affecting the Gulf Coast states.

The storm system responsible for this threat is predicted to continue its northeast movement, posing a risk of torrential downpours or strong wind gusts across the Florida Panhandle, upstate and central South Carolina, and parts of Alabama and Georgia.

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As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s crucial for everyone in the affected regions to stay informed and take necessary safety measures. Keep an eye on weather updates and follow official instructions to ensure your well-being during this challenging weather event.

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