Contribution Of Technology In Fashion Business

Contribution of technology in the Fashion Business ; technology plays a vital role in every area including production of product, designing and distribution of the output. Fashion industry is becoming worth more than 3 trillion dollars and is expected to grow more

Impact of Technology in every field of Fashion; plays a vital role in designing, distribution, production of product and in many more sectors of the Fashion Industry

Fashion Business is observed as an unpredictable sector, with extreme growth, faster than ever in every single area of the industry. Fashion industry is becoming one of the top businesses which will cross 3 trillion dollars by the end of the decade, as described by CB Insights’ Industry Analyst. Innovation  has occupied every sight  of fashion directly  from customization to automation  and the progress about how the products  are built, designed, marketed and dispensed with the output. Soon AI will be ready to execute the work of  cutting and sewing fabrics and decide algorithms of the styling trends. 

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Meanwhile, many are dependent on how fashion companies block the chance offered by associate technological trends in fashion to improve an antagonistic edge in the Industry. Brands that will take to the latest technological trends in the field of fashion will be ready to find out more revenue streams and business models. This will trigger the trending of partnership as to who provides technology and responsible to build their fashion tech.

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