Know About Bharat Series Number Plate: How To Apply? Who All Are Eligible

The BH code indicates that the vehicle works for a private company and it has an office situated in a minimum of four states and UTs.

Bharat Series Number Plate: How To Apply For BH Series Registration Plate? Who All Are Eligible; All You Need To Know

In accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act you are required to re-register your vehicle in the new state within a year, upon relocation to another state of India. If you miss the 12-month threshold, then you will be subject to penalties and fines. If you are an employee of the state or central government, it could become difficult  to re-register your vehicle every time you move from one state to another.

What is the Bharat Number Plate?

In August of last year, the Indian government launched the BH number plate or the Bharat Series Registration Number for non-transport vehicles. The BH Series number plate eradicates the need to have a car registered hence eliminating the need of transfer of registration by moving to another state of residence.

Benefits of the Bharat Number Plate

The advantage of using the BH series is saving time, effort and paperwork every time you move from offices. It is one such scheme to aid in location shifting without trouble for the individuals who have to keep track of their destinations to different States.

Who Is Eligible for the BH Series Number Plate Scheme ?

Those who are eligible for the BH number series are:

  • Indian Citizen
  • Defence officers
  • Bank employees
  • Non-transport vehicle owners
  • Workers of the Union and State Government.
  • Those working in the administrative departments
  • Aworker from a private enterprise (with branches in over 4 states/unions territories)

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How To Apply For BH Series Number Plates?

By the State Authorities, the eligibility of the vehicle owner shall be verified and verified and RTO will issue the APPROVAL for the BH type. The step-by-step procedure for the BH series number plate is given below:

  • Step 1: Log in to MoRTH Vahan portal and click on ‘BH series’.
  • Step 2: Complete form 20 (if the dealer is filing on behalf of owner) or form 60 (employees of the private sector).
  • Step 3: Hand in the copy of your official government issued document, if the company is private, also give the copies of your employment document and employment ID.
  • Step 4: Now pay the fee online. In this case, you can also go ahead and pay your MV tax if necessary.

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Then, the Vahan portal will randomly generate the BH series registration number plate in the finishing step. The tags on this plate are valid anywhere across India and the UTs.

The BH code indicates that the vehicle works for a private company and it has an office situated in a minimum of four states and UTs.

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