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Writing is a great Stress Buster: People share Personal Stories on the internet!

Writing is a great Stress Buster, people reveal it gave them direction life and made them emotionally stable


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Today, Life and stress go hand in hand. We often come across phrases like – Bahut Stress hai Kaam Ka? Stress toh thoda – bahut hota hi hai? Be it at work or personal life, we are immune to stress. But should we take stress that lightly? Prolonged stress can have an adverse impact on your health. With more and more conversations on mental health due to the pandemic, people are now taking steps to manage stress. Recently, we spoke to some industry experts and they revealed Writing is a great stress buster. Journaling your thoughts and emotions can be very helpful. It not only gives you clarity but also helps you to keep your emotions in check.

A lot of times, we feel stuck due to buried emotions. There are times when we go through a lot of overwhelming emotions, right? In that case, penning down your thoughts can come really handy. But you need to be consistent. Make it a habit and you will feel the difference.

How does writing help you?

  • Manage Anxiety
  • Reduces Stress
  • Gives you clarity
  • Keeps your mental health in check
  • Helps you to prioritize your problems and fears
  • Helps you to recognize your Triggers
  • Provide Opportunity for Positive Talk and identify negative thoughts and behaviour

A Delhi based Psychologist Reema Jain said, “When you are stressed, writing can help you to understand what is causing stress. Once you have identified your stressors, you can work on a plan to resolve those issues.”

Writing down your emotions or Journaling is a part of a healthy Lifestyle. It is your safe place. While penning down your emotions, don’t get bothered about spelling mistakes and let your words flow freely.

To understand the Positive Impacts, we decided to talk to people of different ages. We spoke to students, employees of corporates  and even elderlies that how writing made a positive impact in their life.

 “The moment I turned 47, a midlife crisis hit me. I was going through a lot of emotions and figuring out life was difficult. I was not able to communicate it to my husband or my children. My Self – Confidence was at its lowest. Then, I decided to pen down my emotions. I practiced it like a religion for 6 months. After 6 months, I am here giving you this quote. I felt lighter and was able to keep a check on triggers. I am still working and now I am going to practice it all my life”, says Ridhi Sharma, 47, Delhi based Homemaker

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“I am 17 and there was a time when I had a lot of issues with my parents. As teenagers, we all think that our parents are not able to understand us and I was no exception. All of my friends were excelling in academics but I was always interested in Sports. There were a lot of issues with my parents due to my choices and I think there was nobody to actually understand my emotions. So, I decided to write it down as I was feeling bottled up. Now, it’s been 2 years and things are at peace. The best thing is that I now give myself positive talk whenever needed”, says Nakul Sharma, 17


“At 65, I was living alone in Mumbai with my dog. Things weren’t easy. But I was always an Independent woman. I never stopped my daughters from living their life on their terms. Loneliness gave me a lot of negative thoughts. I discussed this with my daughter and she recommended maintaining a Journal. I am glad she did. Everyday before going to bed, I write down my thoughts and thank god. To be honest, this activity helped me a lot. Now, I feel more connected.  I have my friend circle and I feel less insecure”, Kanta Deshmukh


“Like you are seriously asking a Corporate employee about Stress. It’s funny! Lol, No, on a serious note, everyone knows the pressure is real. Stress in the corporate sector is inevitable. Couple of months ago, I was a part of a webinar called Healthy Boundaries at Work. A part of the webinar talked about how writing can help to manage stress. I thought about trying it and it really worked. Every morning, I write down my feelings. I have been following it for the last 90 days.  I can’t say that Stress is not there anymore, but yes, I know my triggers now.  Now, I know how to resolve it and how to manage a situation”, says Ramanpreet, 324

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Stress should not be taken lightly. Prolonged stress can impact your health. There are various ways to manage stress and one of them is writing. Mental Health experts reveal that writing down your emotions on a regular basis can help you to identify your triggers and help you resolve issues that you are facing. If you also want to share your experience for awareness, write to us at – Info@oneworldnews.com

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