Top 5 Health Benefits Of Dates

There are a number of health benefits of dates. Dates have very high nutritional value and their benefits mainly lay in the creamy and sweet element that are found in this sweet delicacy.

5 Health Benefits Of Dates

The dates are well-known examples of the fruit, it has existed for a long time. The history of ‘dates’ dates back almost 5320 BC. People of the Middle East and North Africa regard dates as an integral part of their diet. Dates have very high nutritional value and their benefits mainly lay in the creamy and sweet element that are found in this sweet delicacy. Thus, we shall endeavor to educate your readers on health benefits of dates on health and also the nutritional wonders this sweet treat holds.

Reduces Risk of Cancer:

Studies pinned down the structure of dates and its compound beta D-glucan after which it was known to have a tumor-fighting activity once it was in the body. It is established that dates have high and abundant anti-oxidation properties that contribute to fighting cancer at the level of free radicals (agents known to be cancerous) hence preventing their multiplication thereby reducing the rate of cancer occurring.

Helps Fight Diabetes:

It has be en proven that diabetes mellitus is the most frequent sickness worldwide. Diabetes is offered treatment that involves taking pills that can be swallowed as a mouth spray, along with insulin injection. Thanks to its biochemical properties, dates can increase the glucose- tolerance of body tissues, thereby assisting the body to secrete insulin and the postponement of intestinal glucose absorption. Such an act will be of big meaning in mitigation of this risk caused by diabetes.

Dates are Highly Nutritious:

Indeed, the nutrition values of dates look as if they are from another planet. These fruits are loaded with a huge quantity of vital vitamins and other minerals which can be really useful to you in keeping your health at the best. When considering dates, nutrient composition, fiber and carbs definitely are counted among the main benefits that helps you stay in a perfect shape. Nutritional Value per 100g of dates:Nutritional Value per 100g of dates: Calories – 270-310, Protein – 5.1 g, Total Fat 0.4 g, Sodium – 2 mg, Potassium – 656 mg, Carbohydrates among them comes sugar and dietary fiber 75 g.

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Facilitates Natural Labour:

The food that provides our body with a lot of Fiber which will help start contractions and reduce the delivery complications such as cesarean. The available research shows that ingesting date fruits in the days preceding the delivery may decrease the pressure on the expecting woman during labour by means of a certain element found in dates that emulates oxytocin, thus regulating strong labour contractions.

Helps in Healthy Bowel Movements:

The fibre contained in dates fruit is high as well knowing that this type of nutritional content for patients who are suffering common health issues caused by irregular bowel movement. A study conducted on a group of 21 test participants has resulted in a finding of improvement in daily bowel movements for the individuals that had consumed dates daily for a week and helped in regular bowel movements.Those who consumed dates showed regular bowel movements. Those who undergo abdominal surgery often experience bowel movement disturbances that are accompanied by weaker pelvic muscles and increased incontinence. Feeding the gut with foods containing fiber nutrients helps combat these problems. Ensuring proper gut health has been proven to help fight many other medical problems. Moreover we also found that ammonia concentration in faeces also goes down to a very great extent when dates are consumed routinely.

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