New Delhi: Delhi Police Capture ISIS Suspect Shahnawaz

Delhi Police arrest Shahnawaz, NIA's most wanted ISIS suspect, thwarting a terror plot in North India with foreign connections; two accomplices also apprehended. Ongoing investigation.

Delhi Police Arrest ISIS Suspect Shahnawaz: Foiled Terror Plot in North India; Investigation Unearths Foreign Connections

NEW DELHI: In a major operation, a special unit of the Delhi Police apprehended Shahnawaz, also known as Shafi Ujjama, a suspected ISIS terrorist wanted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), along with two accomplices. The NIA had offered a reward of Rs 3 lakhs for Shahnawaz’s capture. Shahnawaz, originally from south-east Delhi, was also a wanted figure in the Pune ISIS case. 

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Terror Suspect Escapes Pune

He was an engineer by profession and had managed to escape police custody in Pune, eventually taking refuge in Delhi. Shahnawaz was briefly detained by Pune Police in July, but he fled while being transported for further questioning. Two of his associates, Imran and Yunus, were later apprehended in Pune, revealing their likely involvement in an IS-inspired group. Investigation revealed that a foreign-based handler had possibly connected Shahnawaz with Imran and Yunus in February, instructing them to carry out a terror attack. 

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The Delhi Police Special Cell stated that three individuals, including Shahnawaz, had been arrested, and the module had been planning terror activities in North India under the guidance of foreign handlers. Incriminating materials, including items suspected of IED production, were seized. Additionally, the Special Cell has detained other individuals, and the investigation is ongoing.

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