Delhi Police to Charge 7 Railway Personnel in Electrocution Case

The Delhi Police are charging seven railway personnel for the electrocution death of school teacher Sakshi Ahuja due to faulty wiring at New Delhi Railway Station in June. Bail granted.

Faulty Wiring Leads to Teacher’s Electrocution: Delhi Police Charges 7 Railway Personnel; Bail Granted, Husband Demands Justice

The Delhi Police investigation into school teacher Sakshi Ahuja’s electrocution in June concluded that her death was caused by “faulty wiring” in the electric pole near New Delhi Railway Station. The 34-year-old woman had grasped the bar for support during heavy water logging due to rain in the area.

According to the police inquiry, seven individuals from the electricity department, including two senior section engineers, were found responsible for maintaining the electricity pole but had shown negligence in their duties. Those named in the investigation are Gopal Kumar, 37, Senior Section Engineer of Delhi Division; Bharat Kumar, 40, Senior Section Engineer; Technicians Jagdish and Sita Ram; and Wiremen Manish Kumar, Narayan, and Deepak.

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Bail for Seven, 41A for Gopal and Bharat

All seven individuals were initially detained and later released on bail because the offence was considered bailable, as stated by DCP (Railways) Apoorva Gupta. Gopal and Bharat were first asked to appear before the investigating officer under CrPC Section 41A, where they could be arrested if necessary during the probe.

After filing a case under IPC sections related to negligent conduct regarding machinery and causing death by negligence, the police examined the scene and handed it over to railway authorities for maintenance. A report was requested from Northern Railways, which formed a committee to investigate the incident and conduct a safety audit to determine the cause of the electrocution. The police received this report a few weeks ago, and a chargesheet will be filed before the Tis Hazari court in the coming weeks.

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Ankit’s Justice Plea

Sakshi lost her life on June 25 when she accidentally came into contact with an electric pole near exit 1 of New Delhi Railway Station while on her way to Chandigarh. Her husband, Ankit, expressed his lack of confidence in receiving justice, believing that those named in the investigation are mere pawns in the more extensive system. He called for senior railway officials to be held accountable for their severe negligence, emphasizing that it has been three months since Sakshi’s passing and that the accused are currently out on bail.

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