Delhi’s Ultimate Gems: Must-See Light and Sound Shows at Iconic Locations”

From ancient forts to stunning landmarks, here are some Iconic locations to include in your list of light and sound destinations to make your evening an entertaining one.


New Delhi, the capital of India, is a wealth of history, culture, and beautiful constructions. Although these sites are eye-catching in the day, at night they become magical and you can see the amazing light and sound shows. From modern era fortresses to stunning landmarks, here are some Iconic locations  to include in your list of light and sound destinations to make your evening an entertaining one.

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Akshardham Temple

Among Delhi’s recent marvels of modern architecture, Akshardham Temple awes the visitors for the splendid construction and sacred atmosphere it presents. As the day sets and night deepens, the temple area is embellished by the artistic arrangement of the lighting scheme which in turn make it even more beautiful and spectacular. In the light and sound show, which is titled ‘The Saga of Swaminarayan,’ the vivid and dramatic recount of life and teachings of Swaminarayan takes place back of the temple‘s beautiful architecture.

Qutub Minar

From a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city tower of Qutub Minar being one of the icons, it presents some of the mesmerizing audio visual shows that take one’s mind on a journey to the ancient. The series is inspired by the medieval atmosphere of the great minaret with the ruins in the background. It rebuilds the age-old enigmas and stories hidden in the secrets of the gorgeous artistic construction.

Red Fort

Let yourself go back in time and get amazed witnessing the splendor of the Mughal rule of the magnificent Red Fort with light and sound show. Set on the site behind the fortress itself, the show narrates the history of Delhi as well as the saga of the Mughal emperors through stunning visuals, unforgettable music, and storytelling. The azure sunset infused ramparts of the Lal Qila present a spellbinding icon for a unique and exciting historical account.

Old Fort (Purana Qila)

Located in a beautiful area close to the city center, Old Fort is an additional historic site that comes to life at night with a captivating light and sound display. The historic fort walls are illuminated with vibrant lights as evening approaches, creating the perfect atmosphere for an enthralling tour through Delhi’s fascinating history. The show gives viewers a fascinating look into India’s cultural past by highlighting significant occasions and myths connected to the fort.

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