Delhi Murder: Girl stabbed 16 Times, Skull Was Ruptured By Blunt Object – Early Autopsy Findings

Delhi murder; girl stabbed 16 times, suffered ruptured skull in the horrific incident. Preliminary post-mortem report exposes the brutality of the crime.

Delhi Murder: Girl stabbed 16 Times, Preliminary Report Unveils Shocking Details of the Killing

In a horrific incident that has sent shockwaves through Delhi, a minor girl was brutally murdered by her boyfriend in the Rohini area. The initial post-mortem report has unveiled the gruesome details, indicating that the girl was stabbed 16 times and her skull was ruptured during the assault. The tragic incident occurred in the Shahbad Dairy area on Sunday, leaving the community devastated and seeking justice for the young victim.


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Details of the Murder:

According to the preliminary findings of the post-mortem report, the 16-year-old girl endured a horrifying attack that inflicted multiple stab wounds and a ruptured skull. The report also suggests that a blunt object was used in the assault, which caused severe injuries to the victim. The extent of the violence and brutality depicted in the report has deeply disturbed the authorities and the public alike.

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The Crime Unfolded:

The heart-wrenching crime was captured on CCTV footage, revealing the chilling sequence of events leading to the girl’s untimely demise. The footage shows the assailant, identified as Sahil, a 20-year-old man, repeatedly stabbing the victim while she futilely attempted to defend herself. Shockingly, the assailant is seen picking up a nearby boulder and mercilessly battering the already wounded girl with it. The graphic nature of the footage has left many in disbelief and anguish.

Uncovering the Motive:

As investigations continue, the motive behind this heinous act remains unknown. The victim, a resident of JJ Colony in Shahbad Dairy, tragically lost her life, leaving her family and the community searching for answers. Authorities are working tirelessly to ascertain the circumstances leading up to the crime, hoping to shed light on the motive behind such a brutal act of violence.

Awaiting Further Details:

While the initial post-mortem report has provided some insight into the gruesome murder, a comprehensive autopsy is still pending. The final report is expected to reveal additional medical details, including the total number of stab wounds and other pertinent information. These findings will aid the investigation process, allowing for a clearer understanding of the extent of the violence inflicted upon the young victim.

The Arrest and Demands for Justice:

The accused, Sahil, a 20-year-old AC and fridge mechanic, was swiftly apprehended by the authorities and is currently in police custody. The grieving family of the victim has expressed their anguish and demanded the harshest possible punishment for Sahil. They seek justice for their daughter and have called for a death sentence, highlighting the need for swift and severe action against the perpetrator of this brutal crime.

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The shocking Delhi murder; girl stabbed 16 times,a teenage girl has brought the issue of violence against women to the forefront once again. The preliminary post-mortem report’s findings, revealing the extent of the horrific assault, have left the community reeling in grief and anger. As investigations progress and further details emerge, it is crucial for society to come together to condemn such acts of violence and work towards creating a safer environment for all individuals, particularly women and children.

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