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Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi’s Electricity Scam Exposed

The past few months have been very happening for the Delhi Government- from scams to jails to court cases- they have seen it all.

What is the Delhi’s Electricity Scam?

The past few months have been very happening for the Delhi Government- from scams to jails to court cases- they have seen it all. There was one such case- Delhi’s Electricity Scam which was pointed out by the now Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal before he had this title. So, what is the scam and what actually went down? Let us find out.

Arvind Kejriwal had accused power companies of over charging consumers for electricity. He said that even with the fall in losses, the benefit was not passed down to consumers.

He had said that power companies fudged balance sheets and the Delhi Governmnet at that time helped them with this. Power prices were raised on the basis of these false balance sheets and the consumers had to pay more, despite the companies having huge profits. He also called for an immediate slash in prices and that the Comptroller and Auditor General must intervene and investigate the issue. 

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This scam was exposed by Kejriwal when the Sheila Dixit government was in power. Kejriwal, after assuming the CM office has tried his best to give electricity at a subsidised rate to the consumers and also giving out free units to all. 

SC rules that Delhi Government has legislative and executive powers over the services

In a ruling earlier this month, the Supreme Court had also ruled that the services are under the Delhi Government. This was a long battle as there had always been a tussle and lack of clarity about the scope of legislative and executive powers of the Centre in Delhi. 

Chief Justice D.Y Chandrachud noted- “A constitutionally entrenched and democratically elected government needs to have control over its administration. The administration comprises of several public officers, who are posted in the services of a particular government, irrespective of whether or not that government was involved in their recruitment.”

This debunked the argument put forward by the Centre on how it retains “administartive control” over officers who are deputed to the Delhi government. 

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Raghav Chadha, AAP MP tweets – “Satyamev Jayate Delhi wins✌️.

Hon’ble Supreme Court’s landmark judgement sends a stern message that officers working with Govt of Delhi are meant to serve people of Delhi through the elected government & not unelected usurpers parachuted by Centre to stall governance, namely LG.”

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