Delhi Head Constable Brutally Attacked by Motorists

In a disturbing incident in Delhi in Tilak Nagar on September 15, a head constable was brutally assaulted by three individuals after he asked them to drive carefully. The head constable sustained grave head injuries as a result of the assault.

Delhi Head Constable Attacked by Motorists in Brutal Assault: Investigation Ongoing, Two Arrested

New Delhi: On September 15, a distressing incident occurred in Delhi in the Tilak Nagar area when a head constable was brutally assaulted by three individuals. The altercation began when the head constable, M G Rajesh, noticed that the car behind him had dangerously approached and struck the front of his vehicle. Concerned for safety, Rajesh cautioned the car’s occupants to drive more cautiously and pointed out the damage caused to his own car before heading towards his residence.

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However, his attempts to defuse the situation were in vain, as the occupants, consisting of two men and a woman, proceeded to tail him and obstruct his path. They forcibly dragged him out of his vehicle and launched a brutal assault, wielding bricks and an iron rod. The attackers even inflicted damage on his car, smashing the windshield.

Rajesh recounted that he had struggled to fend off his assailants, but he ultimately fell unconscious due to the severity of the attack. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan intervened, stopping his car to help Rajesh, who was then rushed to Maharaja Agrasen Hospital for medical attention. The head constable sustained grave head injuries as a result of the assault.

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Assault on Delhi Constable

As the investigation unfolds, two of the male attackers, believed to be siblings, have been apprehended by the police. Authorities are also looking into the involvement of the woman, suspected to be their mother, in the incident. The victim’s son provided an update on his father’s condition, confirming that he is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. This incident serves as a distressing reminder of the risks faced by law enforcement officers while simply carrying out their duties to maintain public safety.


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