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Navigate Bengaluru's scheduled power cuts with community spirit. Embrace inconvenience for essential upgrades ensuring a robust power future. Plan, adapt, and support each other through this temporary challenge.

Bengaluru: Community Resilience Needed as Maintenance Disruptions Impact Diverse Areas; Unveiling the Necessity of Power Infrastructure Upgrades

As Bengaluru grapples with an impending power crisis, residents are bracing themselves for scheduled power cuts that are set to commence today, December 12, and continue through Thursday. The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) and the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) have announced a series of planned maintenance and repair activities during this period. This includes essential tasks such as jungle clearance, renovation, modernization, line maintenance, and the strategic shifting of cables from overhead to underground configurations.The inconvenience is expected to unfold between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm each day, impacting various neighborhoods across the city. 

Let’s take a closer look at the affected areas on each day:

December 12:

In Bengaluru, residents in Yelahanka Old Town, New Town, Industrial Layout, 4th and 5th Phase, Chikka Bommasandra, Ananthapura, Puttenahalli, Ramagondanahalli, Kempanahalli, and several other localities are set to experience power outages. The list expands to encompass areas such as Hirekogaluru, Somanahalu, Belliganudu, Doddamallapura, Chikkakogalu, Geddalahatti, and more. This extensive maintenance initiative also encompasses locations like Belaghatta, Haykal, Hirehalli Industrial Area, and BM Palya, impacting a significant portion of Bengaluru as part of the scheduled maintenance and repair activities.

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December 13:

The following day, the power disruptions will shift to areas like NRI Layout, Subbaiyanpalaya, Bilishivale, Banjara Layout, and Doddagubbi. Residents in Yeshwantpur, Malleswaram, Bhel, Mattikere, Belagur, and Ballasamudra will also experience scheduled power cuts. The inconvenience spreads across various localities, impacting both residential and commercial spaces.

December 14:

On the third day of the scheduled power cuts, neighborhoods such as Mouneshwara Badavane, Jayanagara, AK Ashram Road, and R.T. Nagar 1st Block will be affected. The list continues with areas like Thimmaiah Garden, Modi Garden, Military Area, Veerannapalya, and Lumbini Garden. Residents in locations such as Bwssb Sewage Plant, Mariyannaplaya, Coffee Board L/o, and Kempapura will also experience power outages.

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This planned maintenance is expansive, touching areas like Dasarahalli, Maruthi L/o, Buvaneshwari Nagar, Bel Corporate Office, Chankya L/o, and Nagawara. The inconvenience extends to M. S. Ramaiah North City, Thanisandra Main Road, Ashirwad Nagar, Amarjyothi L/o, and several others, impacting a significant number of residents.

The decision to undertake these maintenance activities during daylight hours, from 10 am to 5 pm, has been made to minimize inconvenience during peak usage times. While the power cuts are undoubtedly disruptive, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of these maintenance efforts. Jungle clearance, renovation, and modernization are essential for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the power supply infrastructure in Bengaluru.

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Bengaluru residents are urged to proactively plan for the upcoming scheduled power cuts. It is advisable to anticipate potential challenges by storing perishable items, ensuring refrigeration needs are met. Charging electronic devices in advance is crucial, and making alternative arrangements for critical activities that rely on an uninterrupted power supply is recommended. By preparing thoughtfully, Bengaluru residents can navigate the temporary inconveniences of the power cuts more effectively, ensuring a smoother experience during this period of scheduled maintenance.

As Bengaluru faces scheduled power cuts until December 14, it prompts reflection on the intricate behind-the-scenes efforts essential for maintaining a robust power supply system. Periodic maintenance and repairs, though temporarily disruptive, are crucial for the city’s long-term electrical infrastructure sustainability. Bengaluru residents are encouraged to unite in the spirit of community understanding, recognizing that the inconvenience serves a larger purpose in preserving the overall health and efficiency of the city’s power grid. Let’s support each other during these cuts, fostering cooperation for the collective benefit and ensuring Bengaluru continues to enjoy a reliable power supply in the future.

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