Bengaluru Bandh: Impact on Services, Closures, and Essential Operations

The Bengaluru Bandh on September 26, sparked by the Cauvery water dispute, may disrupt daily life with closures in schools, taxi services, and theatres, but essential services will remain operational.

Bengaluru Bandh: Protests and Closures Over Cauvery Water Dispute, but Essential Services Stand Strong

The most recent update on the Bengaluru Bandh, scheduled for September 26, highlights its potential impact on the city’s services and daily life. The strike has been called by several organizations in Bengaluru to protest against the state government’s decision to release Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. This decision has sparked a significant outcry, given Bengaluru’s status as a hub for IT companies and various other businesses.

Cauvery water Dispute

The Cauvery water dispute is the root cause of this bandh. It’s a prolonged and contentious issue between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, both claiming rights to the water from the Cauvery River, which traverses through both states. This dispute has been a longstanding source of tension and conflict between the two states.

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Solidarity Closures ToUrged

In response to the bandh call, there are calls for schools, colleges, IT companies, and Film Chambers of Commerce to remain closed, showing solidarity with the cause. The Sugarcane Growers Association President, Kuruburu Shanthakumar, has urged shops and commercial establishments to voluntarily shut down during the strike.

Taxi Services Affected

One of the key concerns during the bandh is the availability of taxi services. Driver unions, including those representing app-based auto rickshaws and cabs, have expressed support for the strike, which could disrupt daily life in Bengaluru. Tanveer Pasha, President of the Ola Uber Drivers’ and Owners’ Association, has confirmed that drivers will stay off the roads on Tuesday to support the protest.

Metro Services Unaffected

The Namma Metro services, however, are expected to continue operating as usual. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) plans to keep the metro services running, providing an alternative mode of transportation for the public.

Regarding banking services, there is currently no update on whether banks in the city will remain open or close in response to the bandh.

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Essential Services Open

Despite the strike, essential services such as hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and government offices will remain open to ensure that people have access to necessary medical care and government services.

The government-operated Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) have also expressed support for the bandh and will suspend their services, which could disrupt public transportation.

In terms of entertainment and dining, the Kannada film industry has expressed support for the bandh, leading to the expected closure of movie theatres in the city. However, restaurants, considered essential services, are likely to remain open on Tuesday.

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