Bengaluru Man Walks 73km to Trace India’s Map Using GPS, Video Goes Viral for Independence Day Tribute

Bengaluru resident walks 73km in 13 hours to trace India's map via GPS, garnering social media praise. Unique Independence Day tribute.

Bengaluru resident walks 73km for 13 hours, traces India’s map via GPS, celebrating Independence Day; video gains admiration.

A resident of Bengaluru undertook a remarkable endeavour by mapping the shape of India using GPS while traversing the city’s roads. This passionate individual, carrying the Indian tricolour aloft, embarked on an extraordinary journey that covered an astonishing 73 kilometres and spanned over 13 hours to accomplish this feat. The outcome of his effort was shared through a captivating video on social media, swiftly amassing widespread recognition and admiration.

The man, identified as Vikas Ruparelia, commemorated India’s Independence Day by crafting a unique form of GPS art within the streets of Bengaluru. In the video he posted on a micro-blogging platform, Ruparelia expressed his gratitude for the well-wishes and encouragement he received. He humbly admitted that even he had reservations about successfully achieving his goal within a single day, and he attributed the success of his venture to the unwavering support of his family and friends.

The video presentation commences with the depiction of India’s outline meticulously traced through GPS data by Ruparelia. As the footage unfolds, the viewer is taken on a journey through the city’s urban landscape, observing Ruparelia proudly brandishing the national flag while he skillfully follows the designated GPS route. The visual account culminates with a heartwarming scene where Ruparelia stands alongside his loved ones, encapsulating the sense of achievement and unity in his endeavour.

The initiative taken by this Bengaluru resident showcases an innovative and inspiring way to celebrate India’s Independence Day, evoking a sense of patriotism and determination. This feat not only demonstrates the power of technology and human dedication but also underscores the ability of an individual to creatively pay homage to the nation’s historic significance.

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