8 Reasons that prove Banglore is the best city to live!

A city which we will make you fall in love!

We all are generally attached to our hometown, isn’t it? People are usually attached to the city they are brought up in. It really doesn’t matter whether it is a village, town or metropolitan city. We simply love that place where we are born but there is always another city which makes every traveller and student fall in love. We are talking about none other than Banglore.

(Bangalore City)

Banglore absorbs people into it. Some love its weather while others love its greenery everywhere. We have come up with some valid reasons that why Banglore is a love!

1.Amazing weather: Bangalore has an amazing weather almost throughout a year. Even if the sun comes strongly in afternoon hours there are chances of rain in the evening which lowers down the temperature. Monsoon is bliss.

2.Young crowd: Bangalore is famous for having brilliant education institution like Christ, so it is always loaded with the young crowd which makes Bangalore city cooler.

3.Pubs and nightlife: Bangalore has more than 800 clubs bars. It has exciting nightlife and therefore the city has earned the title ‘Pub Capital Of India’. Pubs are shut by 11 pmhere so that all of you can wake up by the time next morning.

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4.Women Empowerment: Bangalore is a city which depicts women empowerment. The female club in Bangalore has opted for unconventional careers like conductors, Taxi drivers etc. The city is more or less safe for women too.

 5.Delicious Filter coffee: Bangalore provides you with best filter coffee. Filter coffee is always in a menu.

 6.Land of opportunities: It is the best place to start your own business or company. It is an IT hub and one can find enthusiastic people here everywhere.

7.Yummy Food: The city has a lot of delicious cuisines to offer apart from their local authentic food. So, just give it a try.

8.Garden City: It is also known as Garden City as it has two main and beautiful garden. Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park are nationally recognized.

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