6 WWE Rules that your stars need to follow!

Is it easy to be a WWE star? Just check it out!

1. They are not allowed to cut their promos: It is scripted so this means that all of the promos that superstars deliver have to be approved by either Vince McMahon himself or Michael Hayes before they pick up a mic on international TV.

Jinder Mahal Wins WWE championship
Jinder Mahal

2.Women are not allowed to have a personal relationship with officials: This rule became official a few years ago and the biggest reason WWE made this a rule is because the company does not want any other superstars having a bigger advantage in the company than anyone else.

3. No sneezing: No this one is not a joke, and you did not misread it. In fact, it is one of the few bizarre rules that Vince McMahon attempts to enforce that has actually been backed up by some of his employees. It is no secret that Mr. McMahon is somewhat of a control freak. He controls every single aspect of all of his shows, or he tries to at least. Naturally, a man who needs this much control over everything is going to hate anything that is out of his hands, and one of those things is sneezing.

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4.You can work somewhere else: There is often a lot of talk about contracts and such in WWE, mainly when there is one to be signed before a marquee match. WWE Superstars do all have WWE contracts of course, but what you may not know is that each and every one of them is an independent contractor. What that means is as well as working for WWE they should technically be allowed to work elsewhere. It is a topic discussed by Taz on his daily show on a semi-regular basis, but not one that is talked about all that often in general. Naturally, a Superstar’s WWE contract will likely say they aren’t to wrestle for other companies and although it makes sense when those stars are independent it can seem a little unfair. There is no union for wrestlers either, so it won’t be a rule that changes any time soon.

5.Unapproved words should not be usedIt is already been reported that the stars of WWE are not allowed to cut promos without prior approval from a producer backstage, but they can also get into trouble if the content of the promo is not the way that it was pitched. According to Rolling Stone,it was only a few years ago that Brad Maddox delivered a promo to the audience and used a number of words that the company had banned. Despite his position in the company at that time, he was released almost instantly.

6.WWE has input on who can diva dateWhen WWE stars sign their first contract with the company, they become the property of WWE and they are then allowed to have an input on who they can date. According to buzz, there was a reported incident with Vince McMahon where he had put Lana in a storyline with Dolph Ziggler because he hoped that it would break Lana and Rusev up, as he thought that she was too good for him. According to WWE INSIDERS, there was also an incident where Paige began a relationship with Alberto Del Rio and the duo was told to split by WWE officials.

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