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Laundry Expert reveals washing bras everyday can be “BAD” : When to wash your bras?

60 percent women revealed they wash their bras everyday, laundry experts say washing bras everyday can be “Bad”


  • Washing Bra regularly can damage the structure and Fabric
  • How often should you wash your bra?
  • What do laundry experts say?
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The right bra can enhance your overall look! Bra shopping can sometimes be fun and can sometimes be traumatic. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a right size bra, right? But have you ever thought how often you should wash your bra ? One World News did a poll on Instagram and many women revealed that they wash their bra everyday. But is it really fine to wash a bra everyday? Or is it harmful for the structure and fabric? Apart from how often you should wash your bra, one should also know how to properly wash the bra? Well, to get clarity on the topic, we decided to seek expert advice. Read the article to know what laundry experts have to say on washing bras.

According to experts, one should always hand wash bras and bralettes. Since all bras are usually handmade, they should not be washed in the washing machine. Also, if someone believes that hand washing is a lot of work, then they are wrong.

washing bras
washing bras

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The correct way of washing a Bra

If you can’t wash it in the washing machine, then what is the right way to wash your bra?  Experts reveal, “You just need to fill your sink or bucket with cold water and add a gentle detergent (the one that is not harsh on fabric), swish your bras around the soapy water, let them soak. After that, rinse the water and hang them in sunlight to dry. Laundry experts believe that your undergarments should be dried in sunlight only.

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How often should you wash your bra?

Many women voted in our polls that they wash their bra after every wear. Well, that’s the right way of maintaining hygiene. Bra should be washed after every wear since it’s directly in contact with the body. Body oils, perspiration, and bacteria are transferred to the fabric and if left in the fibers will begin to break down the fabric – especially the elastic fibers. On the other hand, many women complained that washing bra too often damages the fabric and structure. To which, the experts revealed that one should rotate between  3 to 4 bras and wash them once in a week.  It also depends from person to person. Many people sweat a lot. In that case, they can wash bras more often but washing bras everyday is actually bad, revealed the laundry experts.

washing bras
washing bras

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What can happen if you don’t wash your bra for a longer time?

Many women do not wash their bra as required. A lot of times, we spend a lot of money buying the right bra and overwashing damages the structure and fabric. Laundry experts reveal that you might wash them once in a week but one should not skip washing bras as it could have many bad impacts. Here is what all can happen if you don’t wash your bra for a longer time.

1. Your bra will start smelling and that could rub off onto your other clothes as well

We all know that things stink if they are not washed enough. No matter how many times you spritz a little perfume on it as you get dressed for the office everyday. A time will come when it will start stinking that can rub off to your regular clothes. Gal! You deserve better and your co-workers as well, so wash it right away!

2. You might get a skin infection or an irritation

As per WebMD, clothing is one of the top things in our life that causes serious skin infection or irritation.  Sometimes it’s because garments don’t fit properly or sometimes because they are not washed enough. One should regularly wash their bra and should dry them in sunlight.

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3. Your Bra might get stained

Your deodorant and perfume is your best friend until it starts to settle down on your bra for several days in a row and leave a yellowish stain on your beautiful lacy bra. Notably, this stain is a tough one and can be difficult to get off. In that case, it is important to wash your bra on a regular basis.

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How often you should wash your bra completely depends how sweaty you are. If you have oily skin and sweat a lot, you should consider washing your bra after every wear. But laundry experts have revealed that every woman should rotate between 3 -4 bras and wash bras once in a week. It is important to note that they should be hand washed and dried in the sunlight.

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