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7 Feminine Traits That Make you Attractive! Just Remember it’s not only for Women!

7 Feminine Traits That Make you Attractive & everyone can follow irrespective of the Gender 





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Feminine traits are often associated with women. From grace to coyness, often women are expected to be feminine.  Experts say that being masculine and feminine has nothing to do with gender. Men and women, both have masculine and feminine energy. Today, we have listed out 7 feminine traits that will make you attractive.

In the modern world, we have forgotten that feminine traits can be far more attractive than we think.  We need to be more manly to prove ourselves. In fact, feminine traits make you attractive as well as add gravitas to your personality.

Here are some Feminine Traits that everyone can embrace! 


Feminine Traits That Make you Attractive
Businesswoman comforting frustrated or tired co-worker

Empathy is the quality of being in tune with others’ emotions and feeling what they feel.   Most people, particularly men, are taught that expressing  emotions is a weakness. However, a woman’s empathy can always reach beneath their cool and calm exterior. By making people feel heard and understood you can know them better and help them find their strength.

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In this modern world, no one knows how to be a good listener . People have become so self-centered that they always want to talk about themselves. Also, people no longer indulge in meaningful conversations. In that case, it is important to pay attention to minute details when someone is talking. This trait makes you more feminine and far more attractive than you think.

Knowledge is a power, no matter how trivial it seems.


Feminine Traits That Make you Attractive

It always pays to trust your gut. By doing so you lean deep into instinct. Allowing you to know and understand things when there is no real knowledge may sound superstitious but  it is not. Just trust your gut more and you will have this deep & dependable power within you that can provide guidance when the external world seems under a delusion.


To survive the realities of the harsh world, ancient tribes of mankind had to band together in little groups. As the world modernized, that kind of behavior became extinct . However, this instinct for banding together remains within women. But experts say we can still practice it and help each other when life gets hard.


Let us get one thing straight, ‘Vulnerability is not weakness. There can be similarities between the two. In lieu, Vulnerability is strength. A lot of women try to uphold an air of invincibility around them. The reason behind it is rooted in toxic masculinity ideals. And then people who have this stance get overburdened by those around them until they break down.

On the other hand, being honest about your vulnerability, you are never given anything more than you cannot handle. You also do not mislead others about the extent of your strength.

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This is often called softness and this embodies the essence of the trait. By being tender you can connect with people better.ple. Tenderness can also be incredibly evocative. It can make others treat you better and awaken protective instincts within them. And this can be practiced by both the genders.


Feminine Traits That Make you Attractive
Little girl holds a puppy on her arms

Kindness is a trait that is characterized by generosity or the tendency to give out and be accommodative of others. It is not an exclusively feminine trait. Although there is something special about the women’s kindness. A little bit of Kindness can make a big difference. This feminine trait makes you a better person.

We hope you have learned to embrace feminine traits. Femininity has its advantages and leaning into these traits can make you more comfortable in your own skin.

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