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The Drishyam of Indian Television – Anupamaa

The Story of Anupamaa is no different from what an average Indian woman suffers

Highlights: Why has Anupamaa gained so much popularity?

‘Anupamaa’ has been one of the most popular Indian TV serials since 2020, topping the TRP list once again and India’s No.1 tv show of 2021. The exceptional acting of Rupali Ganguly, previously famous for her character of “Monisha” , now plays the lead character of Anupama in the show.  According to a report by BBC over 160 million women in India are either homemakers or domestic help, who are expected to work really hard in their jobs and sometimes are not even acknowledged for the turmoil they suffer and are actually disregarded. The story of Anupamaa hits hard to these women, who lived their entire life for others and sacrificed their aspirations and dreams.


Anupamaa no different from basic Indian woman

After gaining so much popularity in 5 languages, it was made for the Hindi population and now in Kannada as well, the show is made in 7 different languages of India now. The show can be called the Drishyam of Indian Television. Anupamaa brings a fresh perspective to the table that has been absent from Indian Television from the past decade. The show is regarding the story of a 40 year-old homemaker Anupamaa Shah, a great dancer and cook, who lives with her abusive husband Vanraj, 3 children and her in-laws. Anupama the sweet and considerate mother, who tries to make things better every day to please her husband who has never been loving or even respectful, she also tries to please her  mother-in-law who  makes her feel sorry for the wrong her husband has done.  He never felt proud of her, always treated her badly with no respect. The serial shows the typical husband who doesn’t let his wife work, constantly denies her love and humiliates her for not being modern or well-educated.

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Even after always being there for her children, she isn’t supported even by her own children. Although Anupama isn’t the mother that Toshu and Paakhi ever wanted, she is a great pillar of strength to them. She, alone, not only could handle a depressed Toshu after his forced breakup with his girlfriend, but could even give him enough strength and courage to come out of the situation. Next, the way she handled Paakhi’s blackmailer and even exposed him is laudable. Almost at every occasion, her strength is commendable.

A pillar of strength

 No matter how weak she may appear as she obeys the duties of a beti, bahu, maa or patni, the moment her family is in trouble, she is the one who is known to stand firmly for her family. Moreover, she cannot stand a word against her family members. It will be incorrect of anyone to think that she is a backward and uneducated mother, because the first time she got to know that her son Paritosh (the son who actually cares for her) has a girlfriend? Anupama got so excited. She looked forward to welcoming his girl love Kinjal in her family, not as a daughter- in –law but as her friend and daughter.  Her behaviour towards the close proximity between Toshu and Kinjal only showed how liberal she is as a mother. No wonder, we would all love a friendly and liberal mom like Anupamaa, maybe because of all these reasons Anupamaa is so popular amongst people.

Taking a stand is always important!

After coming to know of her husband’s affair with his office colleague, she decided to get a divorce and separate from him. Even after her decision her mother-in-law had to make her the culprit for leaving her family and responsible for their separation and his affair.

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 Although she is self-less, generous and very forgiving, she knows how to stand for herself. She can adjust with anything that can come her way, but she cannot withstand betrayal and disloyalty especially coming from her husband Vanraj whom she considered her everything. This is the reason why she is neither ready to accept her husband’s betrayal nor prepared to forgive him so soon.

Later, she started a business with one of her long lost classmates ‘Anuj Kapadia’ who loved her and still has feelings for her, helped her stand on her feet and grow a business. Receiving love and respect from him Anupamaa realises that she may feel the same way but we don’t know that yet.

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