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Trollers Attacked Shilpa Shetty after Raj Kundra arrest: How Fair is this?

Trollers Attacked Shilpa Shetty – It shows the regressive mentality of our society

Recently, Businessman RajKundra was arrested by Mumbai Police. He is accused of creating pornographic content and releasing it on several apps. This matter came to light in February this year and a case was registered against him. Raj’s name came out as the main conspirator, after which Kundra was arrested, he will remain in police custody till July 27. As soon as this news came into the media, people started trolling Raj as well as Shilpa Shetty. It would not be wrong to say that the trollers are dragging Shilpa into this matter more than Raj Kundra. Nasty comments are made on the actress. Trollers attacked Shilpa Shetty on social media after her husband’s arrest. Is it fair to treat her like this? 

This shows the corrupt mindset of trolls

Women and if she is also a public figure, then people leave no stone unturned to humiliate them by all kinds of tricks. Ignoring what her husband did or why people’s attention is only on how to make Shilpa responsible for all this. It is wrong to humiliate wife Shilpa Shetty by trolling for the arrest of Raj Kundra. It only shows the corrupt mindset of the trollers.

Women who are financially independent are also on the radar of trolls. 

Some people have written that due to Shilpa Shetty’s expensive lifestyle, Raj went into this swamp. Do people really think that Shilpa is not able to bear her own expenses? A woman who was established before her marriage and continued to work even after marriage can take care of her own expenses. Holding her responsible for her husband’s act is an appalling reality of our society. The thinking that every woman is financially dependent on her husband is still clinging to society.

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Why does such a joke happen to women only?

Shilpa has also been called “High Maintenance” in many places. Doesn’t it feel like it is being talked about something, house or clothes? In our educated society, it is normal for women to use such language. Even if someone dares to oppose it, then the same educated people leave by calling it a joke. If you assume that this is a joke, then why does such a joke happen to women only?

Whether it’s anyone’s fault, it must be the woman’s hand, right?

If the husband’s name is linked to some kind of crime, does the wife also become guilty? It is not possible that the wife is not even aware of this? Why is it so easy to blame women for a crime committed by someone else? Women are always seen in association with some man like father-husband-brother-son. They have a different identity of their own, it is beyond the understanding of many intellectuals. Whether it is anyone’s fault, there is a hand of some woman behind it, our society takes it for granted. Then whatever the truth may be, what about them?

Let us tell you that Shilpa’s name has not come in the pornography case yet. Currently, the police have not received any information regarding his involvement in this case. Mumbai Police says that till now we have not found any evidence of Shilpa Shetty’s active role in this whole case. We are probing the matter. At present, no statement of Shilpa Shetty has come out since the arrest of Raj Kundra, she has also cancelled all her shootings.

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