Yellow fever – know the symptoms, precautions and more

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease is of vector born etiology that is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes

What is yellow fever? Know its causes, symptoms, precautions and more

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease is of vector born etiology that is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes making this transmission vector. Yellow fever is a virus (one that normally gets transmitted by an arthropod to human or vice-versa via mosquito, ticks or other arthropods) that is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected Aedes or Haemagogus mosquitoes.

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This virus is contagious from one mosquito to another. A mosquito infected with the virus can cause you to catch the disease during the course of being bitten by it. In particular, South America witnesses more diseases and sub-Saharan Africa suffers as well. High age rates can be seen in fatal outcomes of the older patients compared to the rest of the population suffering from the yellow fever infection. If this person is bitten by a vector that is carrying malaria, the symptoms do not show for next 3 to 6 days.


Yellow fever has 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 (infection): Some symptoms include headache, generalized body pain, joint pain, fever, appetite loss, vomiting and yellowish discoloration of skin and eyes. Ususally, symptoms disappears for a few days then halfway through the 3rd and 4th days.
  • Stage 2 (remission): In stage 2, the fever and other symptoms are in the decline. A good number of the people will recover leaving some to have it progress twenty four hours after.
  • Stage 3 (intoxication): One could experience a complications of a number of organs, including the heart, the liver, and the kidney. In a more severe hepatitis or its complications such as bloodclotting disorders, seizures, or even loss of consciousness and confusion as well may happen.

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Presently, an efficacious yellow fever vaccine has already been formulated. Start worrying about the yellow fever vaccination 2 weeks prior to traveling, and consult with your provider for the right decision. For a number of nations there is a need that you present your vaccination documents to be allowed you in. Moreover, If you will be traveling to an area where yellow fever is common:

  • Sleep in screened housing
  • Use mosquito repellents
  • Dress with full body covering to eliminate exposure of skin.


Vaccination is of great significance because it is the most effective thing available to prevent yellow fever. The yellow fever vaccine is safe, affordable, and a protective shot for a lifetime against yellow fever disease is secured by a single dose of it. A yellow fever booster shot is not required.

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