Classic Comfort: Best Timeless Old Fashioned Salmon Patties

Indulge in the timeless comfort of Old Fashioned Salmon Patties recipe—a crispy, flavorful dish perfect for family dinners and cozy evenings.

Recapturing Tradition: A Journey Through Time with Old Fashioned Salmon Patties

Salmon cakes is old-fashioned dish that has been inherited from the past and reminds myself of happy times with my family eating together and sitting by the dinner table. These patties are crispy around the edges yet soft at the same time, having a mixture of tastes and textures that make them a must try for anyone who loves comfort food, especially seafood lovers.

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Ingredients for Traditional Salmon Patties

Canned salmon: The best choice is the high-quality canned salmon variety, if you want to get the most out of flavor and texture.

Eggs: Eggs understand as binding agent, mean the patties tied together during cooking.

Breadcrumbs: Everyone will enjoy the crispy texture and taste of traditional breadcrumbs or Panko ones.

Onion and celery: The finely diced onion and celery liberate the patties from clinging savory aroma and deep notes.

Seasonings: Basic seasonings include salt, pepper, garlic, and some parsley that further strengthen the flavor profile of the patty.

Old Fashioned Salmon Patties Recipe

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Step-by-Step Recipe Instructions:

-Strain the canned salmon and remove any bones or skin before. Take out the salmon filet and flake it into a mixing bowl.

-Crack eggs into a large mixing bowl, add breadcrumbs and diced celery, onion and the desired seasoning to the bowl with the flaked salmon.

-Mix batter moderately, trying not to overdo it.

-Combine the mixture to form patties of any size or density that suits your liking.

-Warm the oil in a skillet over medium temperature. Then, gently put the patties in the skillet after you set them aside.

-Brown both sides of the patties for about 3-4 minutes or until the patties become golden brown and cooked through.

-Using another plate lined with paper towels, transfer the cooked patties to a place, were the excess oil could be absorbed.

Serving Suggestions and Variations:
Your feast of these old-fashioned salmon patties can top the bill with souring tartar sauce, soft mashed potatoes, or a green salad. Spice up the combination by dicing bell pepper or jalapeño into the mix and serve the patties on a toasted bun with fresh lettuce and tomato for a modern touch.

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Conclusion: Tradition Continues for Every Bite: Tender salmon patties made with traditional home recipes warm our hearts and make us feel good at every meal. Be it a family dinner treating or a quick delicious evening indulgence they are crispy on the outside while juicy on the inside and served with melt-in-the-mouth cheese.

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