BHU Professor develops a ‘Sanskari App’ to curb crime against women: Here are some important details

Har Har Mahadev, the app which will block the adult content

A neurologist at the institute of Medical Sciences of Banaras University along with his team has developed a Sanskari app called ‘Har Har Mahadev’ , which will block the porn content.

According to reports, this app has been developed to curb cases of rapes and molestation in the country. Once installed, the app will play devotional songs every time the user tries to open porn site or any other site that is considered inappropriate.

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Well, the application is available both on phone and desktop. Notably, BHU professor Dr. Vijaynath Mishra has said that by next month they will also provide a religion option. For example if a Muslim tries to open any inappropriate content then Allah or Akbar will be played, similarly chants of other religion would also be loaded.

The app has been prepared in 6 months, and it can block about 3,800 identified sites.

Currently, only Hindu devotional songs have been installed in the app. The developers believe that this app help in curbing crime against women in the country.

Professor Vijaynath Mishra also added, “When I first developed this app I had my patients, my children , and my students in mind. But now I think it should be made available to the whole world.”

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