Victoria Shi: Pioneering AI Diplomat Making History for Ukraine and the World

Ukraine is the first country in history to have deployed an AI diplomat - Victoria Shi. Official remarks penned by humans will be read aloud by the AI-generated representative.

Meet Victoria Shi, the worlds 1st AI diplomat representing Ukraine

The whole mankind is likely embracing growing reliance on Artificial Intelligence in all spheres of our life. Previously, an AI expert served as a helpful partner boosting productivity, but now it appears that AI is playing a more prominent role. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine goes digital; a chatbot performing as an avatarized spokesperson. This is an ultimate indicator of success and face-to-face interface.

Quoting a story on the New York-based news outlet Barron’s, the Ministry announced its plan to use a digital spokeswoman, Victoria Shi, to read out their public statements ‘for the first time in history’, the Ministry announced.According to the media, the sentences are made up by people, in other words. She is seen on the screen dressed in a dark suit and says her name is Victoria Shi, a digital person and, you could see her on social media. The body language of the AI spokeswoman match with her voice with gestures.

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Shi is the product of a team called The Game Changers who once made videos about the war in Ukraine earlier. The information represents the primary reason why diplomats needed Shi and to reduce the use of time and resources.

The ministry’s spokeswoman has now been created to deliver generic official information of the ministry in addition to using a visual avatar generated by the AI software. Presumably, the AI diplomat tones and voice are modelled on Rosalia Nombra, a popular Ukrainian singer and TV personality. According to Nombre, he did this without any remuneration. The Ministry denied that Shi and Nombre are the same and clarified that the AI gave the official reports.

Furthermore, in addition to these contrameasures , the Ministry has substituted deepfake as well. All of the speeches of Victoria will have a distinctive QR code that will lead directly to the written version on the Ministry’s website.

According to reports from AFP, the Foreign Ministry said that the remarks that Shi will read would be written and confirmed by actual persons. According to the Ministry, AI is exclusively used to generate the visual elements. According to the Ministry, it represents a technological advance never before achieved by any diplomatic service globally.

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