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how to keep kids engaged

How to keep kids engaged during lockdown? List of Brain Booster Activities

These might just work! You should tryTechnology has completely changed every aspect of our society over the past few decades. From the way we...
delhi metro guidelines after lockdown

No waiting for BAE at Rajiv Chowk, Metro rides will not be same! 

Delhi Metro might resume its services, but rules will completely change!One thing people in Delhi are constantly missing is 'Agla Station Rajiv Chowk hai'. From...
uttarakhand forest fires

Horrific images of Uttarakhand fire circulate on social media, officials call it fake. Fact...

Randeep Hooda urged people not to compare Uttarakhand fire with Amazon or Australia fireDevastating visuals of the forest fire in Uttarakhand flooded Twitter on...