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QS Best Student Cities in the World: No Indian City in Top 100

QS Best Student Cities in the World does not feature any Indian city in the top 100. Mumbai is at the 118th spot, a drop from the previous year. 

Mumbai Ranks 118th in QS Best Student Cities in the World

The QS Best Student Cities 2024 was recently released and it ranked top study destinations around the world. 

Why is the list important?

The list is extremely important as it helps understand the condition of education and whether cities are student-friendly or not. They looked at several factors to decide if a city was desirable to a student or not. It included things like affordability and desirability, which are instrumental in the life of a student. 

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London has been ranked as the world’s best city for students. London also has some of the best academic institutions in the entire world and it is no doubt that it topped the list. 

The second best city was Tokyo followed by Seoul. It is interesting to note that no city from the United States was in the top ten other than Boston. 

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However, none of the major Indian cities made it to the top 100 global list. This was extremely disappointing and shocking. Even though India boasts to have a good student culture, apparently the cities are not recognised on a global level. Mumbai did get a rank of 118, Delhi a rank of 132, and Bangalore at 147.

Check out the list here: QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2024 | Top Universities

The ranking took into account 100,000 survey responses from students along with other factors.

To make India a truly global destination, there needs to be a focus on making our cities more student-friendly and desirable. 

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