Asia Cup Promo: Dhawan’s Take on India vs. Pakistan

Watch Dhawan's insights into fierce India-Pakistan cricket clashes. Star Sports removes video of Asia Cup Promo, stoking anticipation for heated face-offs.

Asia Cup Promo: Tensions Escalate as Star Sports Yanks The Video

In the world of cricket, the rivalry between India and Pakistan has always grabbed fans’ attention. This fierce competition could unfold up to seven times in the near future. The upcoming Asia Cup 2023 is anticipated to feature three matches between India and Pakistan. Moreover, both teams are scheduled to clash in the Asian Games and the 2023 World Cup. These matchups are notorious for keeping up tensions on the field.  Read on to know all about the chaos that the Asia Cup Promo causes!

Recently, Star Sports, the broadcaster of the Asia Cup, posted a video featuring Shikhar Dhawan, an experienced Indian cricketer. In the video, Dhawan conveyed his thoughts about the significance of the India-Pakistan rivalry. He humorously suggested that, despite the outcome of the World Cup, it is crucial not to lose to Pakistan. Unfortunately, the video has been removed since then.

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Dhawan, who has participated in six ICC tournaments against Pakistan, talked about the intensity of these games. He explained that while the India-Pakistan matches carry immense excitement, they also come with huge pressure. Dhawan’s belief is that winning in the World Cup remains the ultimate goal for the Indian cricket team. He expressed hope that, with all the love and blessing, the team will secure victory in this epic tournament.

Reflecting on his encounters with Pakistan, Dhawan shared that he has mostly been on the winning side. The on-field intensity during these matches is unmatchable, but there’s also room for light-hearted exchanges. He recounted engaging in friendly banter with Pakistani players after the matches.

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