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Deadly Attack On Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari attacked by anonymous people

Delhi’s BJP President Manoj Tiwari asserted that there was an attack by 8-9 people at his Delhi residence on Sunday night. At the time of the incident, Manoj Tiwari was not present in the house.

Manoj Tiwari

On Monday morning, Manoj Tiwari tweeted that 8-9 people have attacked his 159 North Avenue residence.

Manoj Tiwari tweeted:

According to reports, Manoj Tiwari said, “This was janlewa (deadly) attack. Two of my people have been injured.”

As per reports, a group of 7 or 8 attackers came and propelled abuses at people present in Tiwari’s house. Police said that Manoj’s driver hit a vehicle while taking a turn outside the house. At that time Manoj Tiwari was not present in the car.

An argument took place between Tiwari’s driver and the other car occupants; Manoj’s driver and an employee were there in the car and two brothers in the other car that was hit by them.

Deputy Commissioner of police Braja Kishor Singh said, “The occupants of the Wagon R called three to four their associates and they together followed Tiwari’s can and entered the premises.”

“Someone from Tiwari’s staff called the police control room and informed about the attack. A police team rushed and nabbed five men. Both the parties were brought to the police station,” he added.

Two suspects were arrested who were identified by the MP’s employees.

The DCP said, “They (suspects) should have called the police. We would have taken action against Manoj Tiwari’s driver. We registered a case against them since they took law in their hand.”

According to reports, the BJP leader’s stated that there was a man in a police uniform among the attackers.

Neelkanth Bakshi, an advisor to the MP said, “I don’t know whether he was a fake policeman. But he came back with the attackers, calling his (Manoj Tiwari’s) name.”

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