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Break Rules and Break Stereotypes: Don’t become a slave of Society

Don’t be afraid of Society Judgments

People are afraid of failures. We all are human beings and failures are just a part of life. But when someone fails why do we judge them? Why do we look at others differently and judge them, and who have given you the authority to judge anyone? As soon as we grow society teaches us that failure is a bad thing and you should be scared of it. But the fact is mistakes and failures help us to grow as a person. If you are afraid of making mistakes, then how will you achieve new things.

Society Judgments

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Here are some society rules which shouldn’t be followed:-

Career Choice

One of the main and important society problems is non-supportive parents. They really don’t understand what they can do for their child and have no interest to get involved. Some parents force their choices on their children. This really hampers the growth of kids.

Fate is a Myth

You are the one and only creator of your Luck. Everything that happens to you, good or bad is all because of your past choices. You can’t submit to the truth that God is in supreme control of all things without exception. Being lucky is also a myth. If you want to gain something in your life, you have to work hard to achieve your dreams.

Family and Relationship

Ego is Good

Positive ego is really good to be happy. The ego is not who you really are, ego is your self-image, it is your social-mask, it is the role you are playing, if we employ it to learn more about ourselves, even ego becomes positive.

Money can’t buy Love and Happiness

People believe that money is the primary goal in life, and it is the most important thing to bring happiness and success in life. But my friend money cannot buy happiness and love for you.

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