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10 Astonishing things you need to know about the Universe

Universe and its secrets: Here is all you need to know!

A particular sphere of activity or experience is known as the Universe. It is the combination of many unsolved mysteries. But with the rising evolution in science and technology we have discovered many amazing things and facts about the universe.

Universe guides us


Planets, Moons, Stars, Galaxies, Time, Life are the contents of this universe, including intergalactic space matter and energy.

Many Astronomers like Galileo Galilei, Carl Sagan have contributed their whole life in discovering this unpredictable place and it’s secret. But there are many discovered facts and things about the universe that we bet we don’t know. Here are few of them, take a look.

Here are few things about universe which give you chills

  • Sun takes 225 million years to travel around the galaxy
  • Solar system’s biggest mountain is on mars.
  • You must have heard about the spinners but do you know Neutron stars are the fastest spinning objects in the universe.
  • Stars are the one that make up our home galaxy and notably, there are 400 billion stars in the galaxy.
  • Hubble telescope astronomers stated that there are likely 170 billion galaxies in the universe.
  • There is an insect called Dung Beetles, who can use Milky Way to navigate the path.
  • Notably, 275 million stars are born every day.
  • We all like Raspberries and some goes made over Rum, according to the researchers, the center of our galaxy tastes like Raspberries and smells like Rum.
  • If we cry in space, the tears remain stick to our face.
  • Whenever we look up in the sky, we are actually looking back in the time because the light we see has taken the long time to reach our eyes which means whenever we gaze stars in the night, we are actually looking in the past.

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Universe is nothing but the island of secrets which seeks our attention to dig it more, yet we all like to talk and know about the Universe.

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