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Childfree marriages: Reasons why couples want to stay childfree

How couples continue to have children without considering the negative consequences & planning

Childfree marriages:- Nowadays, the concept of no kids is much on the rise. No matter what the reasons are, being child-free by choice is working well for many couples, including many celebrity couples like Oprah Winfrey, her partner, then George Clooney and his wife,  and Jennifer Anniston never had plans to raise a child of her own or at least for the time being.

However, if it’s a celebrity, they are not judged, but many are branded as ‘selfish’ for deciding to go child-free.

Moreover, if you really do not want a child that bad but only bring one in the world for the sake of family or you believe you are ‘Supposed’ to, then that would be unhttps://www.oneworldnews.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=141143&action=edit&classic-editorfair to your baby.

Every child deserves to be loved and cared for.

So don’t let your family or society make you feel guilty about the choices that make you happy. In fact, many couples also agree there are plenty of reasons to be childfree. Here are some below!


  1. To save the Earth: This may sound very weird but yes some couples choose to not have children due to the destructive impact having a child has on the environment probably because as per the research, it was found that a single less child per family can save an average of 58.6 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions per year. There’s air crisis, water crisis, food crisis, war, climate change…and the list goes on and on.

  2. Grim world to bring a child into: “With all the crimes that happen every single day, do you really think that this world is a nice place to bring a child into. It would be actually wrong to bring innocent babies into this mess. Just look at the newspapers the way crimes are shaping today. You may spend half of your sleeping hours thinking if your kids are safe or not, if they have reached home safely or not, are being harassed. These are the worries of most parents these days. You don’t need the stress and your kids don’t need it either so what is the point of putting everybody through that, said Nikhil who works in an event management firm in Dubai.

  1. Raising a child is expensive: This is pretty much clear as you have to be fully prepared to raise a child not just mentally and physically but also financially. The middle-class aspirations and peer pressure sometimes make it harder and the cost of everything from food to basic necessities, education to healthcare to clothing and other important things and not to mention children’s high and luxury expectations even when they know your limitations. Nidhi, who works in an advertising agency says, I read an article in The Times of India, which said the cost of child-rearing from conception to college is around 7 million in Indian Rupees”. “Now, just imagine the amount of money you spend on a child which also does not include everything. If you want to raise a child in a better way, then you may need to choose between having expensive diamond jewelry, a luxury car & a beautiful house of your own. The choice does look a little simple now, isn’t it? It’s nice if you still want a kid but just to do it without cribbing, “she added.

  1. Tussle between motherhood and career: It is a known fact that women get paid less comparing to men and women who have kids either get paid less or lose their income altogether. According to a LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company 2017 report, “motherhood triggers assumptions that women are less competent and less committed to their careers.” – “I think it’s completely fine to not want a child. If your instincts say that you won’t be able to handle it then just don’t go for it. If you won’t be able to work properly if there is any sort of distraction. Even if you are working from home, your work will get hamper while taking care of a baby or kids 24/7”, said Monica.

  1. Freedom:  “Many couples just choose to live their life the way they want which can be often considered the most selfish reason of all to not have kids. But what is wrong with that”, says Kapil. “Is it mandatory to have kids”, he added. A study revealed that the mental and physical wellbeing⁠ of parents declines after the birth of a first child. “It is never easy for every couple to not go on a trip during the weekend and also it is not possible when you have a crying toddler who cries all the time and needs proper attention. One of the popular reasons for couples to not have children is that they want to spend their time traveling without worrying about the best preschools for their little ones. Without a baby, you can choose to travel when you want, how you want. You can go anywhere, anytime,” said Shobhit who works in a Bank.

  2. Just don’t want to be a parent: There are some couples who are just not ready as they just don’t see themselves as a parent because being one is not a piece of cake and they know it as it comes with a huge responsibility. “Becoming a parent, or not, will be completely my decision, not the government or the society. I am not here to please anyone”, says Akanksha who works for a health magazine. “When a woman is married, she is expected to prove her capabilities and keep producing children till a boy is born. If she is unable to do so then she is always judged & not treated well by her in-laws. This is the kind of society we are living in,” she added.

To be or not to be? That is the question!

  1. No additional responsibilities: Couples are always afraid of additional responsibilities and some think that if there are no kids then there would be no school, no parents’ teacher meet and no annual functions to sit through. “My 12-year-old daughter has a parent’s teacher meet every month and since my husband is always traveling for work, I have to take the day off from my work to go to my daughter’s school. I love my daughter but I don’t understand why the school is so adamant about seeing me. I mean why can’t they email me my daughter’s evaluation”, says Shruti.

  1. Undisturbed sleep: While a routine diaper-change call at 12:30 AM & again at 02:30 AM every night for 2-3 straight years frustrates a lot of couples. “A huge reason why the couples are not at all ready to have a kid in their life. In a survey, many couples said that they can’t get proper sleep if there is a kid in their life. The office life can run smoothly without any child and life would be more comfortable,” said Ancy who may get married in 2022 but does not want to be a mother.

  2. Sex anytime, anywhere: Most of the time couples hate it when there is a crying baby which ruins orgasm every time. Parents need a nice sexual time and that is too uninterrupted. It’s not like that they hate having kids but a child-free life will make everything much easier when it comes to sex. According to a new survey, newlyweds think that there is a good chance that kids could potentially hinder their married life and may not allow you from enjoying great sex.

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