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Meet Tanisha Bakshi, a true inspiration for all the youngsters out there!

From a school topper to a phenomenal artist, Tanisha Bakshi will give you some serious life goals

Everybody on this earth doesn’t get an opportunity to follow their dreams and with the god grace, if you are good at academics, people have high hopes from you. Tanisha Bakshi, 21, who was a school topper decided to pursue her dreams after class 12th. She always had a passion for art and photography and after completing her school, she decided to take it as her main career.

Tanisha is thankful to her parents for being generous to her as they never forced her to do anything against her will. In fact, they support her and tell her to follow her dreams. Recently, Delhi witnessed the fifth edition of Delhi International Film Festival, and Tanisha got an opportunity to showcase her beautiful and inspiring artwork there.

Meet Tanisha Bakshi, a true inspiration for all the youngsters out there!

She recently got into a candid conversation with us and here is all that she shared with One World News.

  1. How is Tanisha as a person?

Tanisha is a very shy person with a clean heart and kind to people. She is filled with humanity, concern for others. Her focus always stays on her goals and she likes to do it with perfection

  1. Apart from art and photography, what interests you more?

Apart from painting, I have many interests like reading, cooking, spending a quality time with slum children, and many more.

Meet Tanisha Bakshi, a true inspiration for all the youngsters out there!
Tanisha Bakshi
  1. What is your favourite artwork?

My favourite artwork is one of my paintings I did on mother and child as that shows the endless love between them and a mother’s blessing, hope, and dreams for her child.

  1. What kind of message you give through your artwork?

Through my artworks I want to show the real and unimaginable life of the slum people where all they have is a fragile economic condition but a very powerful blessing and that is an ounce of love,( the purest form of love) .It’s sad to see how they have to struggle to earn one meal a day . It’s love that holds them together through the difficult times. They do not have the luxuries, but they chose to be happy with what they have. “A mother’s love is Universal. And for me, her love is my biggest Inspiration! “

Meet Tanisha Bakshi, a true inspiration for all the youngsters out there!
Vision Of Hope
  1. Would you like to share any memorable experience of yours while you were searching for the topic of your artwork?

While I was searching the topic for my artworks I was going through different images then suddenly I saw a picture of me with my mother and I just thought why not this! A mother and child’s love/ bond, the purest form of love that can be seen and felt!

  1. How much family support is important for a kid to pursue his or her dream?

Family support plays a very important role. And for me, it’s my strength. Whatever I have been able to do or will do in future is all because of them.

  1. What is more important for you, the subject of your painting or the way it is executed?

For me, both are equally important but somehow I feel that the subject of the painting is really important as it is the real subject or the thought’s that an artist tries to express through his artworks. It is the subject that decides the way the artworks is to be executed and good subject results in a better outcome

Meet Tanisha Bakshi, a true inspiration for all the youngsters out there!
The unconditional love
  1. How did you make your way to Diff?

I got to know about Diff from my friends.

  1. Do you prefer a perfect smooth technique or a more energetic expressive technique and why?

I prefer an experimental technique as it gives me more freedom to use different mediums and techniques to get the desired outcome!

  1. What are your future plans?

My future plans are to develop my skills and improve knowledge about the norms and trends of the society by spending more time in slums as they form the real society.

This will help me to portrait the real picture of our hidden society by bringing out the real happiness behind their lives.

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