Exclusive: A Candid Chat with Jatinder Pal Singh aka Jolly Uncle

Interesting facts about motivational writer Jolly Uncle that you might not know

We are living in such a space of time, where settling less than the best is not an option. Today, every second person can be seen running in the race of becoming the best, and in the rush of life we have actually forgotten the meaning of ‘Happiness ’. Passing smile has become a formality. In fact, ‘Smile’- is now just a basic corporate manner. Today, our lives are full of stress, and there are very few positive people around us who can actually help us to get rid of it. But still there are people who are continuously working towards making our society a better place for all of us and one of them is Jatinder Pal Singh better known as Jolly Uncle.

Jolly Uncle
Jolly Uncle

Jolly Uncle is the perfect blend of humour, positivity, and motivation. A 10- minute chat with him can make you forget all your worries. One World News recently got an opportunity to get easy with him. Here is all that he shared with us.


So far, Jolly Uncle has written 27 books and they all have got published. He has been awarded with various prestigious awards for his wonderful contribution to the society.


Here are few interesting facts about him

1. He never wanted to be a writer. It was his health conditions that compelled him to take writing as a profession.

2. Spending time with kids provides happiness to the person, who makes millions of people happy from his write -ups .

3. His latest book is ‘Badlav’, Jiyo aur Jeeno do’. Jolly uncle always advocates the importance of change . He believes that person should accept change to adapt the constantly changing environment. This makes us a better person.

4. He is not only a motivational writer, but he is also a graphologist by profession.

5. He has recently written a script Paani Police for an NGO.

6. He has written Jokes for more than 100 newspapers and he has more than 700 published articles in his kitty.

7. He was born in Meerut, and interestingly he visited Meerut after 60 years in October to attend an award function .

8. He likes to stay away from sensitive topics of politics and religion.

9. As a writer, he believes that idea is more important than language. He believes working on the language is not a difficult task, but you should have a creative idea to make your write -up impactful.

10. Despite of being in his early 60’s, you can find Jolly Uncle on the various social media platforms including WhatsApp , Twitter , Facebook and Instagram.


Jolly Uncle winded up the conversation by saying that every Problem comes with a Solution. So, never lose hope and try to maintain a balance in your life.

Here is the message from him for all the young people out there. Watch :

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