A Poetic Session with the master of ‘One Liners Arun Gemini’

Meet Humorous Poet Arun Gemini, his spontaneous attitude can leave you awestruck

Making someone laugh is a tough job, it’s not a child’s play. Nobody can teach you humour, it is actually an art, and you can only master it by practising it. Although there are a lot of prominent names in the world of poetry today, but there are some names who rule this world and will continue to rule it because of their phenomenal poetic skills. And one such name his Arun Gemini, a humorous poet (Hasya Kavi) who is famous for his one- liners and satires. He is a light –hearted person who draws inspiration from the people around him.

Arun Gemini
Arun Gemini

One World News recently got an opportunity to peep into his life journey which can surely inspire a lot of budding poets and writers out there. Arun Gemini can spellbind anyone with his oratory, humour, and intellect. He has done some exceptionally good work in the field of poetry. His most famous work include Filhal Intna hi and Hasya Vyangya ki shikhar Kavitaayein.

 Arun Gemini Awards
Arun Gemini Awards

Here is all you need to know about The Master of One Liners Arun Gemini

  • Born on April 22, 1959, Arun Gemini has done Masters in Hindi.
  • He has recited poems in more than 3500 Kavi Sammelans all across the globe including Canada, Australia, Singapore and many other countries.
  • He always had an inclination towards poetry as his father is also a poet, and this persuaded him to pursue his career in poetry.
  • Arun Gemini describes himself as a soft and straight forward person who doesn’t like chaos in life.
  • His happy mantra -is spending time with people. He says the more I socialise with people, the more I get peace.
  • His first poem was published when he was in class 8th.
  • According to him, Hindi as a language has a lot of scope and if people will work on it, they can get a lot of opportunities.
  • He has awards like Tarun Shri Samman, Kaka Hathrasi Hasya Ratna in his kitty.
  • He suggests all the young writers to work on ideas because it’s ultimately the idea, which can make your write- up impactful.
  • He says that to be a writer, it is really important to read because it enriches your knowledge. One needs to understand different emotions like anger, love, and compassion to write, and this comes with reading a lot of literature.
  • You can find him on all the social media platforms, but he still believes that technology can never take away the leisure of writing on paper and reading books.
  • He had a great influence of Omprakash Aditiya( Prominent Poet, who died in an accident) on him . He also admires Surender Sharma.

At the end, he summed up the conversation by saying, “Apne hunar ko janana zaroori hai aur us par kaam karna bhi utna hi zaroori tabhi zindagi mai aage badh paoge.” ( It is important to know your talent to become successful)
He ended the session in his own typical style which will surely tickle your funny bones.

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