10 Words that became part of our conversations after COVID 19 outbreak!

COVID 19 Glossary that you should know!

Coronavirus  is troubling billions of lives currently has taught us many life lessons. It is killing millions of people and we extend our condolences to families of the deceased. People all across the globe are locked inside their houses which has actually given them a fresh prospective towards life . Although the world is going through an unprecedented global health emergency , it has also done good things- like decreasing the pollution level in many cities. Amid all the chaos, we also became familiar with some never-used or rarely-used words. Here are 10 words learnt from coronavirus chaos that you should know :

1. Pandemic

WHO has described pandemic word as “worldwide spread of a new disease.” Merriam-Webster describes pandemic as ‘occurring over a wide geographical area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.’

2. COVID-19

COVID-19 is a short form of Coronavirus disease 2019, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. World Health Organization named the disease COVID-19 and refrained from attaching a stigma to locations.

3. Coronavirus

We might have heard this word somewhere never thought it as an important one. Now, this word will remain live in our conscience for entire life for the damage it has caused across the world. Coronavirus is not the name of any one kind of virus, there is an entire family of it named as ‘Coronaviridae’.

4. Social Distancing

Today, it is a very common word for us which means that we have to maintain a certain distance from people, society, events to save ourselves from getting the infection.

5. Quarantine

We never thought in our wildest dreams that one day we will not be able to step out of our house. Guess what? This is happening and not just in few countries but across the world. When someone refrains from any contact with other individuals for a certain period of time during a contagious disease outbreak usually by remaining in his/her home or at a quarantine centre, it is called quarantine.

6. Fatality rate

This is the percentage of people died because of the ongoing global pandemic. The estimated fatality rate of COVID-19 is said to be in the range of 2 to 5 per cent so far.

7. Patient Zero

Patient Zero is defined as the first person who was infected with an illness or a disease in an outbreak.

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8. Contact Tracing

It means the practice of monitoring and identifying individuals who may have had contact with an infected person. The practice is done to control the spread of a communicable disease.

9. Super-spreader         

Super-spreader or Super-spreaders are those people who are responsible or are capable of spreading the infection usually to a large number of uninfected people. Super-spreader could be an individual or a group who is highly contagious. In India, people who gathered at Tablighi Jamaat, Nizamuddin Markaz were called super-spreaders.

10. Community spread

It refers to the spread of a contagious infection to individuals in a particular geographic location who have not recently travelled to an area where the disease was documented or who have no known contact with other infected individuals.

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