Ace your new year look with these awesome ideas

New year outfit ideas for men for all occasions


2021 is right around the corner! And everyone is set to dress up top-notch! It’s fair to say that we hardly get to dress this year because we could not go outside throughout the year. Most of the functions ad celebrations which called for a gathering were either cancelled or were not celebrated properly. Although the deadly virus has not gone anywhere, but we learnt how to fight it by taking proper measures. So, we are ready to rock the new year celebration with our stylish and classy outfits which are literally pleading to use them.

Choosing the right outfit is an art and it can be learnt by understanding the minute details of fashion. Dressing according to the occasion is one of them. Also, Style has very little to do with what you actually wear. It is more related to how you wear it, knowing your assets, what fits and what doesn’t, your best looks from a plain tee to your hair, beard and accessories.

The key to looking good is to wear according to the occasion in accordance place we visit. In the case of new year event, it depends a lot on the kind of event you are attending. Suppose you are attending a black-tie event, you might think that leather jacket, white tee and blue jeans will do, but you should reconsider this strategy. Similarly, if you are going to attend a New Year Party, where the girls would be probably wearing a dress and heels, you might want to consider a shirt.


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Here is what you should wear according to the occasion


Casual pub drinks:

Although, you don’t need a special dress for normal pub outings, but when you are going for a new year party in clubs or pubs, it’s worth pulling a little extra effort. The Cold weather allows us for plenty of layering opportunities and this Arjit Taneja’s look leads the way for your pub/club outfit. Pair your black leather jacket with blue jeans and a white Tee Shirt to have a complete look.

Or you can keep things tonal and try out a roll neck under an overcoat and combine it with a rubber-soled boot and denim for a rugged take on casual dressing. Wrap the patterned muffler scarf in black or grey tone to complement the coat in once around style.


Night out


If your plans for New Year’s Eve include night out, you better layer yourself rightly as it would be freezing outside. Strike the right balance in your clothes, because you won’t want to sweat by overdoing it. If you reside in the northern and eastern part of the country, you better carry a coat along with you rather than a bomber jacket because bombers are too cliché for night out. Just look at Shah Rukh Khan nailing the night-out look with ease.


Office party:

Although we hardly predict that there would be an office party this year. But if you get lucky and your office calls you for a party, opt for suits or blazer which are less formal and lapels are slimmer. Pair your blazer with narrow trousers or jeans and a neck T-Shirt. It is important to choose the right pair of sneakers in place of formal shoes. A kind of semi-formal vibe is top-notch for office parties.


Black tie event: 


Well-groomed hair, a perfectly tied bow tie and a tuxedo is what you need for a black-tie event. Get over black and try midnight blue tuxedo for a more classic look. Don’t even try to take this event casually and go with regular clothes as you will feel left out when everyone will be taking pictures together in a tuxedo or a suit.


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