The Café and the Coffee that made my Day!

The Café and the Coffee that made my Day!

Last Saturday, I had the worst cold of the year. I was down with fever, with my due share of migraine. Since, I live alone, at an apartment, without any kitchen I had a strong urge to help myself to a steaming mug of coffee. The three cravings that I have, when I’m not well, are of coffee, chocolates and chicken.

One of my friends from IIT had once told me about the Café Coffee Day outlet in the IIT campus, where the prices are subsidized for the students. I couldn’t think of anyplace better for a hot, and crispy smelling cup of coffee. So I entered the IIT Main Building, where the CCD is located, and saw that is one of the best hangout places for students, for several reasons. There were students, studying and hanging out, there was one guy reading a novel, and some were just sipping coffee, looking into their phones.


The sad faced cup. Picture Courtesy : Anurag Vats, OneWorldNews

I went inside, and due to my migraine and cold, I was a bit cranky. I ordered for a cappuccino with extra espresso on the side and a chicken sandwich. The cashier had some trouble with the change, and it took a bit more than 2 minutes. I was feeling haggard and worn out. So the cashier asked me to sit and they will bring the coffee to my table, in spite of the place, being a self-service joint!

A couple of minutes later, when the tray arrived, I was happily surprised to see that on the coffee, apart from the regular latte art of a leaf (some call it a heart) there was a face. A face which looked sick as I was. This act, really touched me.

So I sipped on my coffee, and it was just perfect. The slight strength and bitter taste, which I needed, with the perfect temperature. It was lip smacking, last-drop shaking, delicious! Then came the chicken tikka sandwich. It was just the right amount of crunchy, spicy and tender. But I always need water with bread. And since I had the sick-brain, I was behaving (I’m not proud of it) like a kid. I asked them for water with ice-cubes. I was again surprised and touched by their care and hospitality.

They had given me water with ice-cubes, which was exactly what I had asked. But the water was lukewarm and they had just put some ice-cubes so that I don’t complain. This was the best hospitality and care I have ever seen from a commercial place.

They treated me, not like a customer, but as a human being, and that too, a human being, who was sick. It made me feel much better. And made the rest of my evening! When I was leaving, the cashier smiled and said, “Thank you sir, and hope to see you again, very soon.”

It was then, when I decided, I am going to be a regular at the café. This is just because, they went that extra mile.

If you want to be treated by a café, run by the best people ever; do drop by at CCD, IIT Delhi.

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