Beat the Heat: Prepare Delicious Sattu at Home in 5 Easy Steps for Instant Relief

Sattu, which is high in protein, fiber, and vitamins, helps you stay hydrated in hot conditions by restoring electrolytes lost through perspiration.

Get Relief From Scorching Heat By Preparing Delicious Sattu In These 5 Steps At Home

Benifits of Sattu-

Helps fight diseases:

Protein Shake Sattu

Put salt, cumin powder, and sattu powder in a glass. For extra flavor, add your lemon juice and mint leaves. Add your water, either cold or room temperature, and mix thoroughly. Your protein shake is now prepared and ready to be enjoyed. Some individuals use sugar or jaggery to substitute the savory Sattu drink with a sweet one. If you like, you can even turn it into a milkshake.

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