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Fempowerment Foundation: Empowering Women Globally

Witness the fusion of cultures at Fempowerment Foundation's empowering event, promoting women's empowerment and showcasing fashion, featuring influential voices from across the globe.

Fempowerment Foundation: East Meets West! A Night of Inspiration in New York

In a remarkable display of unity and purpose, the Fempowerment Foundation, in collaboration with Gingerblu, orchestrated an enchanting evening that seamlessly merged the best of Eastern and Western cultures. The event, held in the heart of New York, was dedicated to the noble cause of Women’s Empowerment.

The venue for this inspirational gathering was the enchanting Angel Orensanz, a rustic gem nestled in the heart of New York City. The evening’s highlights were a testament to the commitment of these organisations to promote women’s empowerment.

One of the standout features of the event was an unprecedented all-male panel discussion on women’s empowerment. This dynamic conversation delved into topics such as gender diversity, equality, and the pivotal role that men play in advancing the cause of Fempowerment. Distinguished panellists, including Kunal Sood, an Award-Winning Disruptive Innovator and United Nations Brand Ambassador, Alberto Ferreras, an accomplished Journalist, Filmmaker, and Author, Pranav Yadav, the CEO of Neuro Insight Americas and Europe, and Jeffrey Banks, a Renowned Fashion Designer with experience working alongside Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, lent their unique perspectives to this insightful dialogue. Freddie Leiba, a Stylist extraordinaire and Creative Director of Harper’s Bazaar, added his valuable insights, having styled celebrities like Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many others, including Oscar winners and nominees such as Halle Berry and Cate Blanchett.

The evening also shone a spotlight on the world of fashion with a unique fashion show presented by Gingerblu. This show not only showcased cutting-edge fashion but also celebrated the empowerment of women. Notably, the event honoured Aroon Shivdasani and Gloria Starr Kins, recognizing their exceptional contributions to the arts, culture, and the empowerment of women.

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A particularly touching moment was the inauguration and keynote address by Fern Mallis, a fashion industry icon, and the creator of New York Fashion Week. She is also renowned for her former role as the Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Mallis emphasised the urgency of empowering women, stating, “I can think of nothing more important today than to ’empower women.’ It’s the only way we will save the planet, govern, make peace, and possibly even live in harmony. I applaud the Fempowerment Foundation for all they are doing to make this a reality.”

Ajay Shrivastav, the Founder and Creative Director of Gingerblu and Fempowerment Foundation, leaves us with a powerful message: “I believe that women are already empowered; we, as the masculine energy, should support them to make this world all-inclusive with equality.”

With these words, the event’s essence of unity, empowerment, and progress lingers on as a call to action for all.

The fashion show itself was a revelation, showcasing the Resurgence Gingerblur SS24 collection. What set this collection apart was that it was tailored by women who are part of the Fempowerment Foundation’s initiative. These women, trained in stitching, are on a path to financial independence. They utilised indigenous fabrics sourced from various states in India to create a collection that was not just fashion-forward but also symbolised empowerment for women worldwide.

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The event was moderated by Kiren Srivastav, the founder of Fempowerment Foundation and Awards. She firmly believes, “An empowered woman is a happy woman, and a happy woman is an empowered woman. I humbly request all women who hold positions of power and have the capacity to bring about change, to be fair not only to women but also to men and all other genders. It is only through our collective coexistence that the world can progress and become an even better place than it already is.”

In this fusion of East and West, the Fempowerment Foundation and Gingerblu sent a powerful message – the path to a more equal and empowered world is one that requires collaboration, dialogue, and support from all corners. It’s a cause that transcends boundaries and unites individuals from diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of a brighter and more equitable future for women everywhere.

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