World Television Day: Know the history and significance of the day

"Explore the evolution of television on World Television Day 2023 – a celebration of its enduring impact, diverse shows, and global connectivity.

World Television Day 2023: Television’s Enduring Presence in Our Lives

Our homes may not utter a word but television plays an active role in disseminating knowledge, entertainment, and information to young and old. From infancy into old age, television always remains that one central object which every member of the family follows religiously; whether it is watching some childish animation or a serious piece of news, everyone focuses their attention on their screen. Despite the changing nature of technology over time, television has survived and even changed our ways of life.


Electronic television was pioneered by Philo T. Farnsworth, the American inventor who started it all in 1927. The UNGA recognized that invention had a strong influence globally on communication and culture and proclaimed it as the world television day on the 21st of November in 1996. UN had the first world television forum it hosted on 21 – 22nd November that same year in tandem with this decision.


The World Television Day goes beyond celebrations as a forum for international discussions on the significance of television in our everyday life. Areas covered in it include improving broadcast formats, identifying potential partners in sharing resources and appreciating shifts in informational presentation styles. Just like most of us, television has not remained static but continues to provide a variety of programmes for all different ages of consumers.

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In this regard, people from different cultural backgrounds come together to appreciate the role of television in our society. Some conversations are made about how the quality could be improved and create a healthy cooperative environment in the same industry. On World Television Day, we are reminded that television is a global bridge that unites people from all walks of life. It is more than simply a screen.

As we prepare to celebrate World Television Day in 2023, let’s take a moment to recognize the significance and advantages of this technology that has been instrumental in uniting people worldwide. In keeping with this event, let’s honour television’s lasting legacy and its capacity to amuse, enlighten, and promote world peace.

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