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Sneezing during Periods To Painful Heels, 16 Struggles Only A Woman Will Relate to

Here is a list of some struggles every woman will relate to

You must have heard of this phrase; men are from Mars and women are from Venus. They belong to a different world. No doubt, they both are kings and queens of their worlds. However, there are some struggles only a woman will relate to.

Here is a list of some struggles only a woman will relate to.

A day in painful heels

There are days where you feel like wearing your highest heels. And then you spend the next entire week in flip-flops. Yes, that height demands painful feet.

Dress with pockets 

We girls want to have pockets in everything. Even in our wedding dress. We do not like to carry saggy handbags every time just to keep phones and wallets. And not even a pen completely fits in the pockets we already have in our jeans.

When you sneeze during periods

How can you forget that feeling when you are on your period and you make an effective sneeze? Oops, we can literally feel our whole uterus trying to escape from our body.

Am I turning blad?


There are so many Hindi songs praising the beauty of women’s hair. Remember

उड़े जब-जब जुल्फें तेरी

कुंवारियों का दिल मचले

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Now, in this case, we think that our hair has taken these songs way too literally. That is why they do not want to stick on our scalps. Or yeh ude hi ja rahi hai. Moreover, we have no idea how much we are left with.

That perfect wing eyeliner

Do you even know the amount of concentration, balance, technique, and patience it requires to match the left-wing eyeliner with the right one perfectly?

Where the hell have my all-rubber bands gone!

There must be a black hole inside our dressing table which is engulfing all the hairbands and tic tac clips. Obviously, there is no other way around as we kept 4000 bands and clips a night, and the next morning, we were left with four.

The race between Shampoo & the conditioner 

No matter how much I try, we always run out of conditioner before shampoo. Even after using it with so much misery.

How heartbreak looks like

Have you ever heard that sound of heartbreak? No, we are not talking about your bachpan ka Pyar. When you accidentally drop your phone, and the screen gets cracked. Yes, the cracks in our compact give us the same chills.

Please do not give me anything to keep 

When someone gives you things, to keep in your purse and asks after infinite hours. Do you really think we are going to get it from that closet that was not arranged for an eternity? Even after our mums have scolded us zillions of times.

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A sunglass with hair safety 

There should be a safety device in the sunglasses to get it through our hair. We know that they are meant to be put on the face and not on the head. But you will not disagree that they are way too stylish over there. Therefore, we need glasses that do not get stuck in our hair every time.

Periods & white clothes 

Whenever you want to wear your favorite white dress, somehow your periods get alarmed and say ‘aise Kaise behen’.

Your periods will not let them happen. They will definitely visit you on your most important day.

A pimple day out

When you slept with that diva feeling to dazzle for a wedding the next day. But your pimples are like, Hi! …. Going alone, let me accompany you.

Can you see me?

The wind blowing the beautiful hairs of the actress can only happen in Bollywood love stories. Because in real life, you have hair all over the face and it is difficult to dig out the real you.

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The struggle is real

Putting on a bra when your skin is damp is like messing with the devil at your own risk.

How must Rapunzel be doing this?

Sometimes even your own brush has to be sacrificed to keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. How must Rapunzel be doing this?

Ads should come with the validity period

The greed of getting those smooth legs comes at a high price, which only says for a day or two. And the girl who is shaving her legs in a commercial-

They do not even have a single strand of hair. What is it that you are even a shaving girl?

We are sure there are many more such things which you experience in your day-to-day life. Comment down below more such struggles only a woman will relate to.

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