6 Common Toxic Habits You Should Quit Immediately!

Here are some Common toxic habits you should quit immediately

Are you trying to take up new and healthier habits this 2022? If you want to improve every day and become a better, kinder, and wiser person, nothing can be great than this. However, certain habits you may think look good on the surface could be working against you and are Common toxic habits.

So, to help you there are 6 Common toxic habits of Yours, should quit immediately.

1.  Mistaking repression for being calm

Do you keep strong emotions inside?

Common toxic habits

Perhaps you always tell people around you that you are all right and they should not worry even though you are not in good shape. While you may appear calm on the outside, hiding your negative emotions can have a negative impact. According to clinical psychologist, Victoria Tarratt, suppressing your emotions is said to affect blood pressure, memory, and self-esteem. It can also aggravate depression and anxiety in the long term.

Therefore, instead of repressing how you feel, acknowledge your emotions in a safe environment. Identifying your emotion can be beneficial by itself.

2. Being too independent

Are you always insisting that you do things on your own? 

Dependency is a common trait shared amongst all people, especially at the earliest stages of infancy. As time goes by, you outgrow many of the basic faculties becoming more independent in the process, but to thrive as adults. Being too dependent or too independent can stunt growth. There is a sweet spot to balance it all out and it is called healthy dependence, where you can nurture both autonomy and intimacy.

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3. You need to be in control of everything

Do you need rigid systems in place all the time?

Common toxic habits

People who compulsively control everything usually do so to protect themselves and others from making mistakes or getting hurt. While having systems in place is not a bad thing, being too rigid can also be problematic.

According to the mental health counsellor, Diane Webb, “A person with over-controlling tendencies can be triggered by anxiety even if just one thing is not in place. Instead, try to ground yourself and focus on the things that you can control.

After all, you cannot control things external to you, but you can control how you react to them.

4. Striving for perfectionism

Are you always trying to get things right and perfect? 

Common toxic habits

Perfectionism may seem like a good thing at first, as who would not want to get things right all the time? However, perfectionism is not as glamorous as it seems. Multiple studies have linked perfectionism behaviour to common mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

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If you reflect a maladaptive perfectionism type, where you beat yourself up for every mistake, try practicing self-compassion whenever you make mistakes.

5. Skipping sleep even for something important

How many all-nighters have you pulled lately?

Common toxic habits

While you may feel like you are saving time, by getting more hours on to prepare for a test or an assignment, you may do the opposite.

During sleep, our brain processes information from the day to form memories. Disrupting that can diminish memory formation and learning retention. This is because sleep deprivation can make it difficult to consolidate a memory to be recalled for the future.

6. Pleasing others at your expense

Is it hard for you to say no? 

Perhaps you often find yourself stretched too thin at the expense of others. There is nothing wrong with practicing genuine kindness and unconditional support to others.

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According to the therapist, Erika Myers, “The urge to please others can be damaging to ourselves, and potentially to our relationships, when we allow other people’s wants to have more importance than our needs. This can result in other people taking advantage of you, feeling unsatisfied with your relationships, and burnout.”

Rather than wanting to please people, show kindness from a genuine heart, and not as a way to control their reactions. Putting yourself in front of others is not selfish. It just shows that you have respect for yourself, which reminds others to respect you too.

Are you planning to give up these Common toxic habits this New Year? comment down below.

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