What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Sexy? How to Respond

What to do when a guy calls you sexy? What does it mean? How do you respond? Let’s find out 

When A Guy Calls You Sexy: 5 Things To Know

There might have been instances when a guy must have called you beautiful and you just knew what to say or do. But, what should you do when a guy calls you sexy? Being called sexy is not an everyday thing, but when you are called “sexy” what does it mean? How do you respond? Let’s see.

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First, what does it mean when a guy calls you “Sexy”?

  1. He has a thing for you

Chances are that the guy is interested in you sexually. He totally has the hots for you and wants to be with you. 

2. He finds you irresistibly hot

Why else would someone call you sexy? Clearly, he finds you extremely hot and is not afraid to say so!

3. He likes how you look

He appreciates your looks and wants to compliment you 

4. He likes your sass and confidence

You ooze self-confidence and bold nature and he would love to know you better and maybe date you!

5. He is just a flirt!

Well, he might just be a flirt who is doing this to get your attention and make his way into your phonebook or more (who knows?). 

How to respond when a guy calls you sexy?

Now, it really depends on the context and the situation. If the setting is right and you are also showing an interest in flirting with him and appreciating him- it is acceptable for him to call you sexy. 

But, what if the context is all wrong and his calling you sexy makes you uncomfortable? 

It is also possible that being called sexy makes you feel objectified and you do not appreciate the objectification of women as just “sex objects”. 

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So, there could be many ways to respond when a guy calls you sexy, here are some lines you could use. Make sure to pick the one that is the most appropriate for your situation and how you feel. 

  1. If you are flattered- “Thank You for the compliment”
  2. If it is an indication of wanting something more- “Thank you, but I am not really interested in anything more.”
  3. If you feel unsure or conflicted- “Um, I am not too sure what to say”
  4. If you feel uncomfortable- “Hey, I am not really comfortable with you calling me sexy as it feels weird.”
  5. If you feel objectified- “I am not sure if I appreciate being called sexy as it just feels like a form of objectification to me.”

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Now, once again, remember these 5 things when a guy calls you sexy-

  1. Context and situation matter, but above all, your comfort and how you feel matters the most. 
  2. It is okay to express your discomfort and move away from the person
  3. It is okay if you feel nice and would like to return the compliment 
  4. There could be a sexual connotation and it is better to clarify in the beginning 
  5. Be yourself as you don’t need any man to tell you how you look or feel! 

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