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Calling her ‘Sexy’ isn’t Sexy Anymore: Upgrade Your Vocab To Woo Your Lady!

Have you ever wondered how you can compliment a girl without her taking it wrong?

Some women may enjoy being called ‘sexy,’ but many don’t, the word makes them feel uncomfortable, and even implies they are easy to hit on.

Girls tend to receive several messages on WhatsApp from guys who always need clear understanding about how to compliment a girl. 

Well, we know it’s human nature to enjoy being complimented. But, what may be a compliment to you, may not be to another. Everybody is different, and you can’t expect something that works for someone will definitely work for another.

Some girls might be super chill with all kinds of compliments and love to be called sexy. At the same time, some are more self-conscious and some prefer not to pay attention to their looks.

Also, you don’t realise this, but it gets pretty dull saying to a woman she is sexy all the time.

When she wore that dress with the teasingly low neckline, and you immediately called her sexy or those sexy jeans, she was all shades of hot. You’ve also used this word often, so it gets tiring and dull after a while.

Now, the question is, why ‘sexy’? Aren’t there many words in the English vocabulary? 

You have to understand that women are moved by what they hear. You need to upgrade your vocabulary every goddamn time if you want the playful flirtation between you both to get even better.


Since not everyone enjoys being called ‘sexy,’ and you run out of words to describe her, here are a few extra words you can replace with the term and still make them feel sexy:

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  • Enticing: You can use this word when she blows your mind away; after all, her presence draws you in effortlessly, doesn’t it?
  • Captivating: It’s not just about her curves and smoking-hot body, isn’t it? There’s something more about the entire package you’re in love with, the entireness of her femininity, which always captures your imagination.
  • Alluring:  Call her this if you feel her eroticism actually drawing and luring you to her. It says so much more and is not as bland as just saying she is sexy.
  • Tempting: She obviously makes you melt. When the flirting gets really deep, it is       only a matter of time before you seal the deal with a passionate kiss, which will be tempting.
  • Fascinating: Another word that expresses that she is sexy to you and not just because of her impressive and stunning body features. It’s more than that and gives extra pleasure.
  • Ravishing: Giving her this compliment means she looks stunningly beautiful in her fabulous dress that you can’t wait to tear apart and kiss her all over.
  • Charming: The word explains everything, and she will get the point that she just made you a day as her sexiness is too potent and keeps pulling you back.


Some other names that you can consider using to call your partner:

  1. You’re irresistible
  2. You’re sultry (direct word to replace sexily)
  3. You’re gorgeous
  4. You’re awesome
  5. You’re classy
  6. And, of course, you’re beautiful

We’re insecure beings and tend to worry about how we’re being perceived by others, which means that a genuine, sweet compliment will be remembered forever.

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