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Victoria’s Secret bra commercial makes women with big boobs furious

The small boob bias is very clear in the Victoria’s Secret bra commercial. Their products clearly do not cater to all- something that has upset women with big boobs.

What is wrong with Victoria’s Secret bra commercial? Let’s Take A Peek!

Victoria’s Secret is one of the leading lingerie companies in the world. But, there have been issues with the way they have advertised their products in the past. Victoria’s Secret bra commercial have been enticing and a push to get more women into buying the product because it is “sexy” and “in demand”, but they have also gone really wrong in their commercials sometimes. What does this refer to? Let’s take a peek!

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This commercial by Victoria’s Secret celebrated the use of bralette- a non padded underwire, natural tank top that just gets rid of those poky wired bras. This was criticised for two reasons, as you will see below. 

“Bralette- It’s All You Need”

After years of pushing their padded or even double padded bras that help you get a cleavage, VS suddenly changed its strategy to a more comfortable no show bralette! 

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The Small Boob Bias

No matter how much you deny it, big brands have somehow always had a small boob bias. With clothes to lingerie that are made for women with small boobs and advertised in such a way- where do women with bigger boobs go?

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The bralette is clearly a product that is not meant for women with big boobs and there is no way that they will have larger sizes that will fit fuller chested women. These bralettes hardly go above a B Cup, which is the industry standard for women with smaller cup sizes. 

These complaints from consumers about the small boob bais is not new. Very few companies manufacture or even cater to this segment of the population and finding bras in the DD cup size and a good print is always difficult

When brands like Victoria’s Secret clearly do not make products for all, they leave out a large chunk of women leaving them unhappy and unsatisfied. 

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