Pet parent shares 6 things that helped her dog deal with separation anxiety

Pets are not just animals, but a part of the family. Pet parents treat their pets like their own babies and staying away from them causes separation anxiety. So how to manage this separation anxiety? Read the 6 things that can help! 

Separation anxiety with your pet? It is real! See how to overcome it

It is widely understood that pets are not just animals that we keep at home, but are a part of family. These pets are treated like babies and are often one of the closest companions for humans. Having a pet is more or less having like having a baby. Not only do you have to take care of it, show it love and care, but you also feel extremely attached to them. This feeling of attachment can lead to separation anxiety when you are away from them.

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This is especially true for working professionals who have pets and have to remain away from their pet child for extended periods while working. This has specially been difficult after COVID when these pets got extremely used to having the human companion around them. However, it’s not always important that you feel this separation anxiety or your pet has to feel bad because you are not around. There are certain ways in which you can ensure a lower separation anxiety when you are away from your pet and working. 

  1. The 1st and the most important step is to establish a routine. Pets are very used to knowing when and where you will be around, so being available at those times regularly helps them feel secure. 
  1. Not feeling guilty – As pet parents, it is very obvious that not being with your pet baby can make you feel worried or anxious. However, you need to let go of this feeling of guilt and concentrate on your work first and when you come back home, give them all your love. 
  2. Special toys- Pets love having toys that can keep them distracted. Infact give a nice toy to a dog or a cat and you will see that they can spend hours just playing with them. So make sure that you give your pet baby some toys that they love to play with. 
  3. Keeping everything ready-  This includes keeping all the food, water and everything that the pet might need with them before you leave the home. It is also important that they have enough space to run around and play and are also in a properly ventilated place. 
  4. Spending quality time with them once you are back home or before you leave for work. It is  important that you spend some quality time with them, give them the human touch, stay with them, play with them and also feed them properly, take them out for walks and give them all your attention and love once you are back from work so that they know that they are loved and cared for. 
  5. Having an emergency plan is another important way to know that your pet is being cared for. Making sure that your neighbors, your watchman, or someone near your house can easily check up on them when needed is a good plan. Having a camera in your house to sometimes monitor what your pet is doing or if they are safe is also a very good option.

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All these steps might help your pets and you feel less anxiety when you are not together. Is there anything you do for your pet baby to help them feel secure? Share with us! 

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